Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Holes in the Universe

Taken August 20, 2010.

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  1. A flying leap through the portal and I'm....
    Think I'll use today's pic for my lesson starter today, Andi. So open-ended and full of possibility. Though I know some will only see the ick factor.

    Homies are having fun running around most of the house unmolested by newbies. Kitty Kabuki Theater as they chase each other and posture. I leave the newbies closed up with Bro until later in the morning.

    Farf, sad to hear about Aries. It's a jungle out there. The coyotes are pretty bold out of the creek even in daylight sometimes around here.

    Dina, sending soothing, relaxing vibes your way.

    Hope you east coasters aren't bludgeoned by hurricanes. A slew of Atlantic ones this year.

    Maria, those Texas fairys like to hang out in the trees in the fall, blending with the foliage.

    Wonderful Weds. to All.

  2. Ooh, I love portals!! The myriad of possibilities...

    Morning, gang! The opposite of the insomnia fairy struck last night. I was out like a log around 10ish? Fell asleep reading, woke up some time later with a cat staring at me and the iPad still in my hand. Heh.

    Weather here is back to miserably hot/humid. Darn you, summer!!

    At least it's Wednesday and 1 more day closer to 4 day weekend, my birthday and LOTS OF WRITING (hear that, brain?).

    Farf, so sorry to hear about Aries. :(

    Dina, hang in there, hon. I empathize with the migraine-havingness.

    Hope everyone's day is great!

  3. That's the optimum distance for web viewing, andi!

    Rain yesterday, woo hoo! Fell asleep to it pitter pattering on the roof. Gone today, but maybe it'll make another showing. High of 68. Sorry about the H&H, Lisa.

    And the migraine, Dina. Had one for an hour once - never want to repeat that experience.

    It would have been my mom's birthday today - so I'll celebrate with her twin, instead.

    Off for a morning chai with a girlfriend - happy Hump Day, y'all!

  4. Heh… if you expect me to go through a spiderweb…

    Lisa, I don't think coyotes needed to be involved with Aries's demise. There are several large dogs on that side of the road, any of which could have done the job. For that matter, it might have been a car. We do have the buggers around here, or at least some coyote/wild dog hybrid, but they tend to stay more hidden.

    Maria, good to hear you got some sleep for a change! Mason is snoozing away as I type (working at home), while Snippet is upstairs fiddling with my iPad — I mean, working on laundry. Hey look, it's September! The hot & humid should be going away in a few weeks. Shortly after that, we'll be b****ing about the cold. :-P

    Well, all of us but Beth, who will escape to Florida. Hope you get a little more rain up that way.

    Back to work…

    The NHC keeps nudging Earl's predicted track a little more westward with each update. Looks like much of the eastern seaboard is going to be windy. Nowhere near Planet Georgia, no excitement from that quarter this time.

  5. I hope it proves usual, Lisa. I'm also pleased when one of my pictures inspires you. :)

    Hot and humid here too, Maria, but we are going to have a nice cool weekend (highs in the 70s!). Now if only it would rain ...

    Happy Hump day to you, Beth. Hope the rain was widespread so that it tamped down some of the fires.

  6. Ah cross-posted. Hi Farf. I'm really ready to complain about the cold but that doesn't generally happen here until late December (of course, you may have a different definition of cold).

  7. Oh what a beauty. What would I give for a wallpaper of this ...

  8. Hi cougar. If you email me (which you can get through my blogger profile) so I have your email address, I would happy to make you a higher resolution version that you can use as wallpaper.