Thursday, September 9, 2010

Green Goes Straight Through Me

Taken September 1, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Love the Green and Gold in the water. Soothing.

    77 already before dawn, so will be a steamy day. 90s predicted. Hermine headed your direction, Andi. Maybe rain in a day or two.
    I know I'll be able to hear the grass growing when the sun comes out after all this rain.

    Thursday Winking at Friday--WooHoo.

  2. Morning, gang!!

    So Andi, is this the RL version of gilding the lily? ::g::

    Lisa - I feel for you so I won't tell you that our high today will be about 79. ::ducks for cover::

    Yay for Fake!Friday!!

    Boss lady is being induced tomorrow a.m. (if necessary). This kid is being stubborn!

    I'm looking forward to a calm weekend of writing.

    ::waves at you latecomers::

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Gilding the lily… I like it.

    Hey Andi, ask Zen Sniff why a baby's reach is always three inches more than you think.

    M/C ride was a bust. Went to Anna Ruby Falls nearby, to find it's only open Fri-Sun. All for the best though, Mrs. Fetched came back a day early. I've got a little laundry going, will be back later.

  4. all the way down to the building lobby when my tummy rumbled in the "oh so not good" way, whereupon I turned right back around and decided to work @ the mimes from home.

    Nothing major, simple disagreeing with something I et.

    Rather work from home, anyway. have bunches of documentation I need to update and it's easier without distractions.

  5. Looks like another Monet, andi - pretty pretty!

    Sorry about your tummy, Maria - enjoy the quiet workday.

    Maybe a ride today, Farf?

    Glad you weren't washed away, Lisa - hope the rain does good elsewhere.

    Safely in Fort Collins - hoping to do some writing myself today. And walk around Old Town. Oh, and there's work waiting in my queue. But very little driving, woo hoo!

    Have a great Thursday, all -

  6. That photo works well upsidedown, too, Andi.

    Morning, everybody.
    We're expecting some of your rain, Lisa, if you guys didn't take it all. I just saw that Susan Wittig Albert (a mystery writer) had 7.5 inches in her part of Texas.

  7. Happy new year to everyone!

    Windy day, blowing out all the bad of last year.

  8. That's a picture that only exists, Lisa, because of the drought. Normally the part of the lake that has that reflection would be too deep to have anything visibly growing.

    Ooh, hope you feel better soon, Maria. I don't think those are lilies but then again, I don't have a clue what they are so -- why not.

    Are you going to go back and try again tomorrow or over the weekend, Farf?

    Enjoy Colorado, Beth. Glad you aren't near the fires.

    Nancy. I'm glad the picture has multi-dimensional capabilities. Me, I don't even work so well right side up.

    Same to ya, Dina. Hope you're right about that wind.