Friday, September 3, 2010

Crown of Thistle

Taken August, 2010.

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  1. Flower Friday--WooHoo.
    Love the droplet details.

    Only one new kiddo due in today, so should be a good day.
    Drama is rising though. One guy got mad and told me his mother was going to come up and slap the shit out of me.
    He'll get a longer weekend than the others. Funny thing is I know his mother from counseling sessions last year. So not concerned about mamma drama.

    Look forward to three days off--big push writing/editing for me.
    Wonderful weekend for all.

  2. Now don't get all prickly just because I have three weeks for vacation! Mom wants me to come visit for her birthday… probably has another construction project going. Will also be dealing with the woodpile that's been sitting there since June waiting for me to do something with it.

    Lisa, that sounds like the huffing & puffing of an 11-year-old, tops. Have you ever just laughed at the crap they try to pull?

    Oh jeez, Snippet just knocked something over, and she can't blame Mason because he's standing at the barricade watching me from the other end of the hall. So I need to see what she did, then I need to scoot. Later!

  3. Day 5 of the headache from hell - so quick hi and goodbye.

  4. Morning, gang! My planned productive morning (moving around furniture) fell prey to the "omg, sleeep" setting. Insomnia fairy kicked me hard last night. Bah.

    Farf...still hating you just a little for the 3 weeks.

    Lisa, I can definitely live without your kind of drama. You are amazing with those kids.

    Off for hair appt in a bit, then back to writing. Will have to postpone furniture plans until Sunday or so.

    Happy weekend!!

  5. Alive, stop. Ated by book, stop. Send extra hours for day, stop.

  6. I'm now planning that n Monday I will celebrate Labor of Writing Day, Lisa.

    Thistle kill ya, Farf -- we've had all our firewood stacked since the beginning of August.

    The napping desire is big with me too, Maria -- it's a lovely cool day with the kind of breeze that's a perfect lullaby. Too bad I've got to leave for my annual boob mashing which will be followed by my once-every-when-I-happen-to-think-about-it bone density check.

    Sending Vorpal sword, go. Slash gluttonous book, go.

  7. Envying writing time. Sending extra hours to Kelly. Crossing fingers for painless boob-mashing. Oh yeah, bone density - one more of those things I need to do.

    Yay for vacation and water droplets. Boo for snotty kids. And extra BOO for headaches, Dina.

    Next to last day in CDA. Rushing around madly, wondering why everything happens at the last minute. Already sad to be leaving, but I keep reminding myself what it'll look like in a couple of months here.

    And that new adventures lie ahead. Had a wee arm relapse - worked til 2:30. Off to warm it up in the shower.

    Last day of summer here - 83 and gorgeous. The perfect way to end my time in CDA. Rain and 60's all weekend...just as long as it's not snowing in the passes.

    TGIF, y'all!

  8. I've spent an entire morning doing not much more than reading comments about last night's Project Runway. I exist to reassure you guys that you lead productive lives!

    Okay, now to write.