Saturday, September 4, 2010

Come a Little Bit Closer

Taken August 26, 2010.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    I've got say, Beth, rain all weekend sounds glorious to me. I hate droughts -- it feels like everything is so dry the whole forest could just crumble and blow away.

    I'll be hoping to celebrate Labor of Writing Day for you too, Nancy.

    ... back to today.

    I hereby declare that the celebration of Labor of Writing Day should begin today and continue through Monday.

    Write on!

  2. I agree, andi. But the weatherdude seems to have gotten it wrong again. 79 and sunny today - maybe rain tomorrow for my drive. Seems like just yesterday it wouldn't stop raining there - hoping for drought relief soon.

    Wishing I could write today! I'll be packing my car, doing laundry, and saying goodbye to CDA. Hopefully I'll start working on the new book tomorrow on the road. Yay for tape recorders and hours of driving through MT and IDs less-than-busy countryside.

    Happy Saturday, all. Wishing you a productive, relaxing day!

  3. We seem to have a beautiful day here. Earl was very kind to us.

    Off to the farmers' market.

  4. It's a beautiful day here. The nicest day in months. My windows are open!

    I'm going out to enjoy it after working all morning on work-work. It's been a tough week. Traveled to Phoenix and back in one day on Wednesday. It was a beige conference room but at least there were windows (through which I looked at the beige landscape).

    Client booked me first class both ways though - woo hoo! Did you know they don't feed you in first class anymore? At least not on US Airways.

    Enjoy the day everyone.

  5. A lovely sunny, breezy and cool day here. Finally!! I've got the blinds up and the windows open and have been rearranging furniture all day.

    Silly way to spend my birthday, but I wanted to. :) (It's totally a Virgo thing!!)

    Now, time to chill out and relax.

    Happy Weekend!!

  6. Hi Beth, Dina, Mary, and Maria. Hope you are are having (no more work for you Mary!) and will continue to have a fine holiday weekend.

    Night all.

  7. Andi, your declaration worked, thank you very much. 2,000 + words this afternoon.

    Maria, I hope your birthday was happy and free of sinus stuff.

    Andi, I forgot to say I loved yesterday's photo. Jewels. Rubies. Today's is kind of adorable. Have a seat.

    Waves to all who come and go.

  8. Happy Birthday Weekend, Maria! Why limit it to just one day??