Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Closing the Window on Summer

Taken on the last day of summer, 2010.

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  1. The forest flashing a bit of sexy fall to tease us.

    WONDERFUL temps. Only in the 80s this week--WooHoo.

    Had four families for counseling so made for a good evening.
    Three new kiddos today, and three more 9th graders expected this week. Job security cranking in.

    Haven't had forced singing and pledging in...in ever since I've been teaching. No forced praying either. Imagine that.

    Maria, welcome to pet owners world. Demanding critters, especially in the early morning. And as expensive as kiddos at the doc. But the warm snugglies do warm your heart.

    Farf, coming home to an empty house--MY DREAM.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. The third penny has dropped. I just found out that Ralph Vicinanza, longtime literary agent and head of the agency that represents me (Chris Lotts is my agent), died in his sleep Sunday of a cerebral aneurysm. Ralph was only 60. :(

    I am angry and sad that the universe sees fit to take away three amazing people in the space of two weeks.

    I want to hit things and throw a tantrum at the unfairness of it all.

    ::hugs you all tight::

  3. Hey all!

    Lisa, it's cooling off to the point where I'm thinking about putting the liner back in my motorcycle jacket. Good luck working though the authority issues there. Yeah, like I said, empty house is 2nd best. Dream level involves Mrs. Fetched. :-D

    {{{Maria}}} If bad things happen in threes, then maybe we're done for a while.

    OMG Mason figured out just now that he can use an implement (say, a toy shovel) to knock things off the table. We'll be velcroing stuff to the ceiling before too long…

  4. Hugs back, Maria. A musician friend of mine was declared cancer-free two weeks ago, after a courageous, year-long battle. And we've been celebrating.

    I got a phone call late last night. Friday he ended up in the hospital, his bones eaten with cancer. We don't know if he'll make it through this weekend. How do you miss something like that?? Throwing things at the universe, indeed. He's 43.

    My eternal soapbox. Tell people how you feel about them. Every day. Don't put anything off.

    You all are part of my family. Thank you for being there for me every day, caring about me and what I do. It flows right back to you.

    In Houston with a high school friend today. Sending prayers up for Troy, and for all of us left behind.

  5. Oh Maria and Beth, I am so sorry for your unhappy news. Hugs and sympathy vibes all round.

    Lisa, good for job security -- always a nice thing to have and though it's too bad for the way you get it, I know you really make a difference for those kids.

    Glad to see, Farf, that Mason's education continues to grow in interesting ways. ;)

  6. Beth & Maria - hugs to you both.

    My mom's cancer spread quickly and violently. Pancreatic Cancer. It's beyond a death sentence.

    The only ones I have any inkling of respect for are the workers of Hospice. Even the doctors were ashholes when it came to caring for someone who was obviously dying. They just wanted it over with - was the feeling I got from every damn doctor.

    One thing that has come out of this is me and the mister are doing our End of Life directives. I don't want my loved ones having to make any decisions about my care or even what flowers or songs to have at my wake.

    Our friend Oleg had a video montage of photos and two songs played during his service. A Russian Wake and then he was cremated. His ashes spread on the Gorge surfer style with Wayne and Vladi carrying his shortboard out.

    His wake and service was so much more healing then the burial followed by a freaking potluck that my relatives had for my mom. Now they want me to pay for the headstone. For a time my mom wanted to be cremated to spare her the indignities that did happen to her during the burial and funeral. I was told this the day my mom died. An "oh by the way" They called me a heathen and insinuated I was like the Taliban for wanting to "burn my mothers body like trash". I have to go visit a spot of earth instead of knowing my mother's body is free from her pain.

    They made no bones about their feelings and opinions. Spared me and my brother no tolerance. My mom suffered from dementia at the end and her Mom decided burial would be best because that's their religion. Not my mothers though.

    We're holding a small service at some point in time to help me and the kids fully heal. My friend will "cremate" the Peace Swans origami my daughter made at her bedside each time we went up.

    I don't know which was worse, dealing with the horrific death of my mother at her bedside or having to go through it with the right wing rednecks constantly attacking us for everything. At one point, Hospice asked my Uncle to leave the hospital. As he made a horrible comment about me not being in their faith while they were giving her the last rites.

    Sorry, still reeling from it all I guess.

    We didn't pull any plugs on my mom. We simply stopped the 10% of oxygen that was being pumped into her lungs. It was prolonging death -not really keeping her alive. She only took 7 minutes to pass away. Her eyes opened at the final moment but the Hospice nurse said she probably coudln't see. But I saw a look of panic. Followed by a look of emptiness. Then bile came out of her mouth that was contorted by the use of a mask for the final weeks. Hospice jumped on it and cleaned it up before her sisters saw it but me, my husband and brother saw it.

  7. We made the decision with Hospice to stop the pump at 11 am. Things were prolonged so that members of her family could stop by... as most never visited. Finally at 4, hours after it should have been over... we said enough was enough, my Mom was clearly suffering and needing to move on. One member of the family had stopped to get a haircut and check out something at home depot.... Hospice helped us move forward.

    I can't tell you how much hate I've had to deal with during a bad time. But 3 relatives have come forward to apologize for the disgusting behavior of the others. One has even left their "church" because of it. A 2nd cousin lives near me and she's been very supportive. She was outted from the family because EGADS she married a black man.

    But it's just been hard for me. I rushed home the night she died and slept and vomitted, slept and vomitted. I'm a survivor of a brutal rape... but let me tell you, my mom's family hurt me more than any attacker leaving me for dead could have ever done.

    Sorry for venting, sharing. I should go get ready for work. I was going to go visit a friend before work but I've put myself through this crap again instead. I'm sorry.

  8. Oh Janet, I'm so sorry it all happened that way. People are just stupid sometimes. Sending more hugs your way.

    And birthday hugs to Andi!!!! Hippo birdie, blog hostess extraordinaire. And many many more to come...

  9. Oh, Janet!!! {{{{HUGS}}} People can be such idjits.

    Farf - hoping you are right and that this is the 3rd. Don't know if I could stand another.

  10. Janet, that so terrible. I'm so sorry.

    Thanks, Beth!