Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Boogaloo of Butterflies

All photos taken August 28, 2010.
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  1. All those magnificent butterflies Loving that thistle.
    Boogaloo reminds me we watched the movie Harper the other night. Pure 60s with hokey music and dancing the fruge and jeck--had daughter cackling. Paul Newman is so fine on the eyes.

    Back to the mimes--bah. Necessary evil. Though being at home with daughter and bro would be the quick trip to crazy and it ain't far right now.

    Hubby comes home this afternoon. Trying to remember what he looks like. He leaves house beautiful ready to sell.

    Got all the easy editing done for Part I of book. Will work on more detailed things this week when brain is fresher. So glad I now have a quiet corner again.

    Nicki, do you have pictures of you paintings on your website? I need to go check that out. Multi-talented be you. Enjoy the excitement of the show.

    Possible rain here. Fingers crossed. Though hoping hubby has dry road to travel.

    Beth, happy, safe trails.

    Farf, enjoy time off.

    Waves to all.
    Terrific Tuesday.

  2. See, thistles *are* good for something!

    Yeah, Lisa, I also see work as a refuge from family (especially in-laws). I'm not sure the kiddos would be all that good a trade though. Good luck with the edits!

    Nancy, got a cold or just allergic to those flutterbyes?

    Will be heading back to the resort shortly. I'm thinking about taking the long way, since I'll be on the motorbike. I'll probably have to run back down, bringing diapers & formula, a little later.

  3. Love the butterflies.


  4. Pretty flutterbys...

    Back to the mimes and well, it's the mimes. Still waiting for boss lady's incipient childbirth. He's due Friday, but I really expected him to be born over the weekend.

    Some words written this weekend, but the BEST thing - I now know the MOTIVE. Been banging head against wall for that.

    Oddly enough, the idea came due to a fan fiction story. As I was reading it last night, total idea sparkage. w00t!

    Now, I can write the rest of the bones and then fill in the pieces.


    Happy Tuesday, gang!

    Happy belated birthday to Mason!! (Can't believe it's been a year!!)


  5. I heard there was a lot of rain coming your way from Hermine, Lisa. I hope there isn't any flooding.

    Got some wayward writing upyernoz, Nancy? ;)

    I like thistle, Farf. I think they're pretty so they were already good -- this was quite the bonus, though.

    And I'm sure, Dina, the butterflies would love you right back.

    I'll bet you're not nearly as impatient as the boss lady, Maria. Love that fan fic inspired your writing.

  6. I just posted a link to pics of Mason's birthday party yesterday. Some of them turned out pretty well, I think.

  7. Oh, Far, he's soooo cute and sooo sweet. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    A summer field. . .ker-choo.

  8. Farf - Mason is adorkable!! Love the Choccy Monster pics. :)

  9. Howdy from Pagosa Springs, CO. Long day today, but spent a lot of it in Arches Nat'l Park, which made it all worthwhile. Thanks for the pointers, andi!

    Short day tomorrow, just to Fort Collins. Then a few days' rest before hitting the road again. Tonight I'm trying to convince myself to go to the hot springs, instead of crashing early. It'd be a shame to miss them and all....

    Thanks for the flutterbys! And a good night to all.

  10. Cute Birthday pictures!

    I suppose all the mentions of the resort are intended to make us REALLY jealous. It is working ...

    Nice butterflies Andi. Although butterflies have always kind of creeped me out in person. If they land on me.

  11. Mary, any mentions of the resort should include an implied "Dang I wish y'all were here, we'd have a BLAST!" Then there's that little detail of sitting at a picnic table outside the clubhouse, more than half-drunk, to get a wifi signal too…

  12. Farf ... adorable!!!!

    Beth, where did you end up going in Arches? Did you love driving 191?

    Howdy Mary. If you get rain this week and we don't (which is how it looks now), I'm going to be completely bummed -- after you sent us all those storms when we didn't need any more rain.

  13. Raining here - woo hoo! Just got back from sitting in the hot springs in the rain...wish I could send it your way, andi.

    Yes, the drive was gorgeous! LOVED the park - walked to North and South Window, and Double Arch. And the intermediate Delicate Arch hike. Stopped and took tons of pictures - was there 2-3 hours. Saw a bunch of other ones along the way - wish I could have stayed longer! And gone to Canyonlands...but I didn't get to Pagosa Springs til after 5pm, so it was a long day already.

    Thanks for the pointers - pix at my place tomorrow, prolly!