Monday, September 6, 2010

The Big Creek Goes to the Dogs

Both photos taken August 31, 2010
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  1. Thanks to the drought, there isn't going to be any swimming in the "pools" here after Labor Day.

    The pools may close but the Labor of Writing Day celebration continues! Write on!

  2. The pups do love their water.
    Hope the rains come soon, Andi.
    They are predicting rain for us Weds. We can sure use it. I'll hope it's widespread.

    Your writing edict worked and I got several chapters edited yesterday. WooHoo. Setting up that second writing area with privacy is the key right now. Still had to flush out hissing cats and close myself in.

    One last day of no schedule--glorious.

    Jim, I say poetry is in the eye of the beholder and yours was as good as many that claim to be. I like that site. The English teacher will get a kick out of it and maybe have some fun with it.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  3. Happy Labor Day.

    It is wonderfully cool here so time to just relax and enjoy. And maybe get some cooking done as we are supposed to have a very hot week coming. Ugh.

  4. Happy Labor Day (dammit, it's hard to write that without the U, ie Labour!)

    Too busy to write at the moment as I'm preparing a catalogue for a rather snazzy art exhibition and will be tied up with it for the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed I might even sell a couple of paintings, which would be nice! I expect there'll be plenty of quiet times when I can sit and read/edit my outpourings.)

    Fun day, all.

  5. Howdy from Idaho Falls, on my way to Salt Lake City after a great evening in Salmon, and a couple of gorgeous driving days.

    I used to have a Lab that would flop into any puddle of any size...hope the drought ends soon, andi! My car had frost on it this morning - I forgot how high Salmon was, altitude-wise. Definitely time to head south - brrr!

    Hope everyone's enjoying they labor-less day. I'm chatting into my tape recorder on the road, playing with ideas for the new book. Now I just need time to sit down and start writing. Enjoy your words today, writers!

    Back on the road - more soon. Here's to a not too hot week, Dina -

  6. Yello!

    Back at the manor for a moment, but will be heading back to the resort tomorrow. All my computers - except this old Mac mini running Linux - are up there, so I'm happy to be able to post.

    Hope everyone had a nice Labo(u)r Day weekend, mine's only getting started! ;-)

  7. Hard to believe there is a need for rain after the buckets we got earlier this year. That Mother Nature. What a sense of humor she has.

    But I did enjoy the beautiful long weekend. Back to the mimes tomorrow.