Thursday, August 5, 2010

Whorled Wide Web

Taken July 21, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Stellar perspective. Looks like a portal to one of Kelly's worlds.

  2. And I see it's string right across a wide pathway, positioned where some poor sucker will blunder right into it. You can't convince me spiders don't have a nasty sense of humor. :-P

    Mason woke up at 7:30, now it's mime time & I'll have to watch him for at least another half hour. Not like I mind, beats workin'. Got about 180 words in last night, so I met the 50-word goal. I need to cut some and add some more tonight.

  3. Nice way to start my day - NOT! Icky icky icky. Makes me go all nervy, thinking about stumbling into that thing.

    Not really starting the day - never ended it last night. Had work to do, and the tool I use wouldn't work right. So I struggled with it All. Night. Long. Deadline was 20 min ago - the work wasn't even close to my usual quality, but it's nigh impossible when the program screws up every few seconds. ARGH. I made some money, but not sure it was worth it.

    And now I have rewriting to do. Methinks I'll take a wee nap, and then face the day.

    And not dream about spiders. Icky Icky Icky.

  4. Heh, Jen. I hadn't thought of that. Maybe if he'd like it for his next book. :)

    Hey Farf, it's huge and it's covered with rain drops making it even more visible. No way you could walk into it.

    Beth, see above paragraph.

  5. Ooh, portal, yay! I'm all for the Calgon-take-me-away idea right now. Just finished FIVE solid hours of testing and my eyes are burning.

    Time for a brain break!

    VERY happy this is my Fake!Friday...

  6. Survived a full day at work. We had our second paid day for working on a positive behaviors program to innitiate this year.
    Morning -- can't some of you stop talkinginging?
    Afternoon -- better because we broke into groups and worked on specific areas.

    Now have a 50inch plasma tv in my writing room. At least while brother is here. It is BIG. Kinda feel like it's a portal to some other land and I'll be sucked in.

    104 now, so stay cool and a great evening to all.

    Thursday winking at Friday--especially Fake Friday for Maria.

  7. I have two words for you, Lisa:

    Pre-season is just around the corner! I'll be right down to be sucked in with you! :-)

    And I've always believed meetings should come with stopwatches - or duct tape. Congrats for surviving!

  8. Love this picture though I would not want to be anywhere near the web itself :)

    Thought I posted earlier but obviously I didn't.

    Tired wave to all.

  9. Beth, I vote for stopwatches. Duct tape might be used to keep people in there overtime!

  10. Nope, same reason I use it for babysitting - over their mouths. (No, no one ever asks me to babysit...) :-)

  11. Welcome to my wonderland, Maria, where we will whisk you away from your cares and worries ... for a very reasonable fee. ;)

    You need to swap your numbers around (50 degrees and 104 inch tv) and all will be well (except that the pores on people's faces will look like moon craters on that tv).

    Ick -- too hot for football, Beth.

    That's the spirit, Dina -- digital webs are icky-and-sticky free.

    One suggestion I was once given for keeping meetings short was to remove all the chairs. Never had anyone try it though.

  12. Ewwwww.

    But I agree it would make a great book cover.

  13. I had a boss who kept the meeting room freezing. Folks didn't fall asleep, and were pretty miserable, so meetings were short. And I learned to bring a coat to the office!