Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Will Remember You

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  1. Wonderful pics,dabbing at tears.
    Her slow but steady strength was a comfort to us not so in shape visitors.
    Cyberhugs to the F Pack.

    Maria, hope the breathing improves and the sinuses pain subsides soon.

    Brother doesn't have a diagnosis yet. They've shocked the muscles to do some tests they thought would give them the answer, but didn't get the expected results. Where's House when you need him.
    Scary for him not really being able to walk or stand for any length of time. But glad he's down here so we can look after him when he's able to get out.

    RAIN just started and it's 73 with a high in the 80's predicted. WooHoo.

    No new kiddos expected today, though a couple have been hiding out at the high school instead of coming to us. So it'll be a great week. Give us time to ramp up and get work ready for the coming weeks.

    Beth, savor the wind in the hair. Though it's probably good to be headed south when the COLD comes.

    Nicky, animals overpopulating is a problem. Glad the Guinea Pig is safe. I'm thinking the horse riding is better a figment of my imagination rather than reality.

    Farf, feral kitties can be a challenge. We had one that would only live in our garage and hide out in the cabinets. Wasn't all that crazy about people. So your's may be hiding out and show up later. We think they want to be tamed--not so much. Fed yes, around us, no.

    Waves to all as time to get ready for work. Basking in the sound of raindrops on the sidewalk in the back.
    Wonderful Weds.

  2. Lisa, I hope your brother doesn't have to go through too much more poking and proding before they find out what's wrong. I'm am so jealous of your rain.

  3. Hugs to you both, and scratches and rubs for Sniff and Bebo.

  4. Ah, lovely pictures of a lovely dog.
    Lisa: another family guinea pig (not the visiting one, thank God) snuffed it yesterday! Daughter was comforting 5 year old, saying the usual about a good life, etc, when for some insane reason she told him about guinea pigs being eaten in Peru! (ie better than being eaten, I think was the logic).
    'Oh no,' he yelled. 'Don't make me eat her, I'm a vegetarian!'
    (He is too, he even ate vegetarian chicken round here on Sunday: I had to kick his 10 year old cousin to stop her enlightening him!)

    Grey and wet in these parts, where did summer go? Better than last year at any rate.

  5. Andi, a beautiful photo tribute to a beautiful girl. Thanks for posting the pics.

    I'm at the mimes today. No clue how long I'll last. Sinuses still annoying. :(

    I'm ready for this week to be over.

  6. Wonderful pictures! Thank you for posting them.

    Rainy day here. Rainy day mood.

  7. Great retrospective for a beloved family member.

    Lisa, I think she'll either make her way home or we'll find her. She was wary enough that the one loose dog probably wouldn't have caught her (even if she'd chase), although I don't know if she'd have thought to climb a tree or not. Hope your brother gets better soon.

    Nicky, vegetarian chicken? That's mean. ;-)

    Beth, this one's for you! (g/d/r) (and the rest of us too)

    Andi, if you guys are thinking about adding to The Pack (there's no "replacing" Giddy but still), Crissy's pups will be ready to find new homes in about 4 weeks. One of them inadvertently found a new home already… he got attacked by something in the pen and The Boy & Snippet took him to a rescue vet. He's doing OK and prognosis is good, although he lost an eye. August sucks.

  8. Beautiful photos of a beautiful spirit. That smile!!

  9. Sniff and Bebo say you are a wise woman, Olivia. :)

    Vegetarian chicken, eh. What a bubbe maisse! (yiddish for grandmother's tale, used for an actual story told by a grandmother to grandchildren or, more broadly, a story passed off as the truth but unlikely to be true).

    Poor Maria -- sinuses are always annoying but I got admit that getting the polyps removed from mine made them a whole lot less so.

    If it were raining here, Dina, my mood would be wonderful.

    Thanks for the offer, Farf -- that is so nice of you. We will undoubtedly get another dog eventually but when we are ready we'll go to the local humane society (which is no kill so needs to have a lot of local support to keep from being overrun).

    Nancy, that smile was a big part of why we named her Giddy. The picture in the upper right is my all time favorite. I was sitting on the ground taking a macro shot when I realized I was hearing heavy breathing, looked up, and saw that perfect picture.

  10. So sorry for your loss, Andi. She was beauty and a wonder.

  11. Lovely photo tribute Andi. In my mind I'll always remember her sitting next to me on your deck patiently waiting for me to remember to pet her.

  12. She was, Kelly. Thanks for noticing.

    When she was much younger, Mary, she wasn't nearly so patient and when she thought I ought to be waking up and paying attention to her, she would come over to my side of the bed, put her face up to mine and sort of blow air at me.

  13. It's dog-walking time in our small park right now, as the light fades, and fits the mood. Your many pictures show she was such a good beast, so long loved, held in memory now.

  14. KS, thanks for that lovely image and the sweet thoughts about sweet Giddy.

    Night everybody.

  15. As I thought what I could add to comments, I watched your photographs flow past. Giddy must have had a wonderful life exploring those lovely woods. Your memories of her as you walk through them will make the woods even more beautiful.

  16. She had a great life, Teach, and she was a great dog.

    Thanks Teach and all of you for the wonderful kindness.