Friday, August 27, 2010

Trailing Light

Taken August 19, 2010.

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  1. A trail to the end of the week. WooHoo. Thanks, Andi for showing us the way.

    Been the best beginning of the year yet. Kids still trickling in. Girl fight at the high school already. Job security.

    Bro to come home this afternoon after a muscle biopsy. Still no diagnosis. Comes with walker, wheelchair etc. Home care for phy. therapy. So it will be an interesting weekend.

    The herd is intermingling. Homie and newbie in the window sill together. This is good since the pet gate will need to go down for Bro access to the hall and bedroom.

    Bra burning seems to lead to grumpy broads. Blame--hear it too much. Must be why I dvr my shows and skip the news and pundits most of the time.

    Sending ear scratches and snuggles to the pups and cyberhugs to you and Jim, Andi.

    Maria, May Friday fly by so the writing can flow this weekend. Being sequestered sounds great to me.

    Waves to all to come.

  2. Warp speed, it's FRIIIIIIIIIDAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! You'll have to imagine the whoosh, but you can see the exhaust from the photon drive up there…

    So far so good, Lisa! Sounds like both work and home are getting sorted. Here's hoping that continues.

    Pups are improving. One makes a $#!+load of noise, but I think it's just got its mom's obnoxious genes. They look like little sausages. They need twice-daily de-maggoting, but only one or two have them now.

    I was thinking about buying a waterproof pouch for my iPad case, just in case it rains in the afternoon when I'm on the bike… and I found one at the house. Ironically, it was the zip-sealed bag the case came in. Not only did I get it for free, it was packrat FTW for once!!

    OK, time to jump on the bike. The mimes are calling.

  3. Finally Friday and I'm off to the mimes in a bit.

    Looking forward to a quiet no-communication weekend!

    I love that word: weekend...

    ::waves to all::

  4. Maria, you won't be totally no-communication. :D You're on The Lipstick Chronicles this Sunday! I hope everybody here goes over to visit you there to give you the "hits"! I'll come here on Sunday and provide a link.

    Waves to all.

  5. Nancy, oops! You are correct!

    Of course, since I wrote that last week, in my brain, it's over. ::g::

    I totally would love it if you all stopped by and commented on Sunday!

  6. Morning, all. Hope some rain falls on that gorgeous path soon, andi. And everywhere else that needs it.

    We have horrendous wildfires all around. Nothing close, but all it'll take is a spark. 66+ mph winds yesterday blew the smoke from NE WA - we couldn't see the mountains around us, and the smoke smell was overpowering. Our natural disaster. Calling for showers Sunday - let's hope they actually show up this time. Very scary.

    And I've given myself tendonitis in my right arm, from too many hours on the computer, sitting in a bad position. So I'm going to try to take a break from it this weekend, tho I have (paying) work to do. Argh. I'm an idiot. And getting old sucks.

    I'll try to stop by Sunday, Maria - woo hoo!

    Good luck with bro, Lisa. And glad the first week went well. And yay for pups and being a pack rat, Farf.

    Musician friend in town tomorrow for the day - really looking forward to that. Otherwise laying low and taking painkillers. :-(

    Have a great Friday, all!

  7. Next step for the cats -- organizing to take over your house and then ... the world!

    Happy waterproof biking, Farf -- that is, if you've also packratted a zip-sealed bag that fits over you. :)

    Super sequestered weekend to you, Maria. May you fill up the either with your beautiful bytes. And happy blogging at the Lipstick Chronicles too -- I'll try to stop by but we're going to over to see Jim's mom on Sunday so we'll probably be gone during your prime time.

    Hiya Nancy. How's that book brain treating you?

    I was just reading about all the fires, Beth, and thinking about the summer of 2007 when we were there and the fires seemed to be everywhere. It's so sad. And I hope you feel better soon.