Thursday, August 12, 2010

That damned elusive Pimpernel

For over two weeks, there's been a heron hanging out at the camp lake and despite all my efforts, the damned bird will not let me get a decent shot of it. At least this photo -- can you spot the bird? -- has a nice view of the lake.

Taken August 3, 2010.

Click image to see larger version

Click here for a crop of another photo where at least you can see my nemesis


  1. I feel the same way about dragonflies, Andi. They are out in clusters when I mow, but getting a pic--forget it.

    Nicky, wish I could paint. My father was the artist and I inherited nada. So you enjoy it and the good weather.

    Feels like Satan's sitting on us. 85 at 5:30am and triple digits later.

    Farf, enjoy the respite from the sprite and it will be a great reunion.

    Beth, you have more friends that I can even dream of. How wonderful to share such great times.

    Maria, hope the docs have good results to report. Whip that story into shape. Happy End of the mime week.

    KB,you make me want to pick up my needlepoint or crochet. I never learned to knit. They have such luscious yarns--yummy colors and so soft.

    Waves to all as Thursday winks at Friday. Stay in the shade and stay hydrated.

  2. Fly, bird, fly!!

    Hola, gang. I'm sitting @ home in the midst of another crazycakes thunderstorm, this one with possible hail. Bloody stupid weather. :(

    Won't go off to the mimes until it's passed me by. Keeping my fingers crossed it's not as bad as last week's storm.

    Doc called back yesterday - no arthritis, so I guess it's just muscle pain. whee?

    Glad it's my Friday as I have loads of work to finish up on the story before Sunday, when it's due. Nearly there!

    Wishing you all a fabulous day!

  3. Herons are shy, shy birds. They visit the pond from time to time. I have this fantasy about sitting in a deer stand at sunrise with the 70-300mm lens snapped on… but that would involve 1) putting up a deer stand; 2) getting my @$$ out of bed before sunrise.

    Lisa, if Satan's sitting on you, look out for those sulfur bombs — ain't nobody can rip one like Ol' Scratch. Snapping dragonflies on the wing could be quite a feat, even if they did hang around. Maybe take the camera with you when you mow?

    Maria, discretion is the better part of valor — especially when it comes to severe t-storms and tiny cars! Good luck finishing the story, and maybe check your work email once just to say you did something work-related before you go in late.

    Mason (and Snippet) came back yesterday, and Mason greeted me with the expected big slobbery grin & dive into my arms. Then he slept all night. That's two good nights of sleep in a row… what am I going to DO with myself??? At least I'm making slow (but adequate) progress on my own story.

    OK… time to put the work computer on the desk & get the virtual mimes a-going.

  4. Turns out the bulk of the storm was further north of us this week. Silver Spring and that area pounded hard and fast (and not in a good way)! They've got the downed trees/powerlines, etc. this time. :(

    My trip to the mimes was absolutely uneventful. Storm passed quickly and without much fanfare.

    Still, glad I waited.

    This insane weather just won't stop around here this year. :/

  5. The weather is crazy everywhere. It feels like April here - they've had NO summer in SoCal. First two sunny days were the last two, and it still was barely 70, with a cold wind. Record heat and crazy storms - glad you dodged the bullet, Maria. I wish I could end up in ONE place ONE day for some rain!

    Had a great time in San Clemente - heading to San Diego this morning, switching friends. Hard to leave good friends, knowing I won't see them again for a while. I'm lucky indeed, Lisa.

    Off and running - be safe, all!

  6. Heyo folks, off to da big city in a couple of hours for writer time and fancy dinner. Hope y'all are having a lovely Thursday.

  7. Andi, you caught the bastid!! Good shooting.

    You guys, I don't usually inflict my "other" blog posts on you, but some of you love ghosts and so I ought to tell you that's the topic today over at The Lipstick Chronicles (where I post only twice a month). If you scroll down in the comments, you'll find some good 'uns.

  8. If you go out early in the morning, Lisa, you can usually get the dragonflies while they are sluggish.

    Well good news on the no arthritis but too bad they couldn't diagnose the problem. Also, glad the storm passed you by, Maria. I don't want a storm but we could sure use rain.

    Happy, happy for Mason's return and the good night's sleep. And progress on your writing, too. Woo hoo Farf.

    Hope you had/are having a good trip, Beth.

    Hi Kelly. If fancy dinners means fancy clothes ... then better you than me.

    Normally I'd say I've never seen a ghost, Nancy, but maybe that's why I can't get a good picture of the heron. :)

  9. The flying shot is pretty cool, actually.

    I've never seen a ghost. But my best friend told me that when her mother was dying in the hospital she kept staring at a corner where no one was and nodding and finally said "I'm coming" and then died. But my friend saw nothing.

    Maria I saw the pic of Rhode Island street flood, wow! You really did get some rain up there. Although I was somewhat amused when all the tweets went out this morning from DC that there were FLASH FLOOD warnings! heh. We get those every time it rains. But downtown St. Louis has never flooded like that.