Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

Late Summer Bloomer

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Late Summer Sonnet
by Velvet Thorn

Where did the Columbines and Lupines go
The Alliums that stood so straight and neat
The raspberries with all their bright red glow
That children did consider such a treat?
The beetles have made lace of all the weeds
The mint's run over everything that's small
The yarrow blooms have withered into seed
Rudbeckia has covered nearly all.
The bee balm now is looking pale and wan
Chrysanthemums of dusty pink are masters
The violets and daisies are now gone
Their spaces have been trampled-on by asters.
As autumn colors warm the garden wall
The cooler nights bespeak the coming fall.


  1. Ooo, pretty white flower! Rugosa Rose?

    School starts tomorrow, and our echinacea are being visited by the goldfinches.

  2. Kidspeak, Best wishes for your school year. I'm heading into week #3 at school. I hate starting school so early. I'm for a Labor Day to Memorial Day school year.

    Andi and I think it's a morning glory. There were several open on the vine.

  3. Hooray for late bloomers!

    Can y'all believe Mason is 8 days short of his first birthday? The Moody Blues usually have something appropriate:

    Little guy, little hands little eyes
    And lots of time,
    What'cha gonna be, what'cha gonna see
    When your eyes are level with mine?

    I'll be level with you,
    I don't know what I would do,
    If I had to face the things
    That you got comin' down the line.
    If I had to face the things
    That you got comin' down the line.

  4. Oh, that flower!

    Speaking of flowers, our own Maria is blogging at The Lipstick Chronicles today, and she's being funny and charmingly ranty:

  5. It looks like one of your frost flowers!

    Fall is definitely arriving in N Idaho. Went to an outdoor concert last night and froze off everything that was freezable. 60's all week - time for Beth to fly south with the geese.

    Our schools start Tuesday. I agree, Labor Day should be the start of the school year...

    Off to read Maria's rantings! Staying close to home today, trying to take care of my shoulder.

    Happy Peaceful Sunday! And happy almost birthday, Mason!

  6. This poem scans but it takes a lot of work to get there. 6/8 time but not easy to dance too. So, good imagery but on the whole not one of my favorites.

    And I laughed this morning because when I first looked at the pic I thought why is he posting a photo of a crumbled handkerchief. Lol. Then I looked again.

  7. Flowers any time are good, Jim. Feel a bit of a late bloomer as a writer.

    Nancy, Thanks so much for reminding us of Maria's Lipstick stick.
    A good laugh is always welcome.

    Beth, we're still in the 90s so freezing anything off is a meer fantasy.

    Farf, the time does fly. Yeah, Mason.

    A great evening to all.

  8. OMG Maria your post over at Lipstick made me laugh. And that link to "alot" made my day. My English grammar teacher from 8th grade, Sr. Francis Xavier, would have loved those cartoons because that was a pet peeve of hers (not that she would have ever felt comfortable sharing any kind of a sense of humor with us, but I still feel sure she would have loved them).

    Alot no understand ... lol

  9. Great post, Maria. Thanks for linking to it, Nancy.