Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

Webs of Silk and Sun

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A Poem Is A Spider Web
by Charles Ghigna

A poem is a spider web
Spun with words of wonder,
Woven lace held in place
By whispers made of thunder.


  1. Wow, short but powerful poem. Thanks, Jim!!

    I'm enjoying my slacker weekend like you wouldn't believe. Watched hours and hours of Friday Night Lights (catching up). Vegged on the couch reading stories in MEAN STREETS (an urban fantasy collection) and met my new kitty!

    Darius (the kitty) is coming to live with me today. Whee!! I wasn't expecting it to go so quickly, so I had to make an emergency run to PetSmart yesterday for necessities (litter, box, food). He's already been a costly bugger ($250 pet deposit, $25/month pet rent; $125 adoption fee + the stuff I got at PetSmart) but I don't care!! He's awesome and exactly the temperament that suits me. (Mellow, cuddly and quiet).

    Today, after Darius arrives, I plan to veg on the couch some more and watch more TV.

    Tomorrow, it's back to the writing. Book 5, now BLOOD SACRIFICE waits for no one, not even a cat!

  2. Nice choice of poem to go with the pic, Jim!

    Maria, yay for new kitty pal!!

    About to start getting ready for church here, Mason is with his dad so I'm clear for takeoff. If they give him some breakfast, I'll take him with me… but lately he wants big-people food.

    Zooming away…

  3. Oh, Maria - you will soon learn the error of your ways.

    Cats know that everything waits on them - yes, they are meant to be worshiped.

    Waves to everyone else.

  4. I hear this song sometimes on the AOLradio Trance channel & thought it would strike a chord with a few folks here:

    Insomnia - Faithless

    Deep in the bosom of the gentle night
    Is when I search for the light
    Pick up my pen and start to write
    I struggle, fight dark forces
    In the clear moon light
    Without fear… insomnia
    I can’t get no sleep.

    OK, me & Mason are headed for church now.

  5. Wow to the photo and the poem!

    Aw, Maria, I'm so happy for you and Darius I could purr!

    "Me & Mason". . .just think that when we "met" you, Far, we'd never heard those sweet words.

    Hey, Dina! Do you guys know that Dina and our friend Sally is coming to Kansas in October? Yay!

  6. Well, I can almost tolerate the pic, because those webs are so different. But still a wee ick factor, even though the picture is cool. And the poem is great!

    Write like the wind, Maria! Your readers await. And enjoy the new kitty - sounds purrfect.

    Enjoy Grandpa time, Farf.

    Yay for visitors, Nancy! Still hoping we can connect for coffee as I dash toward Texas next month - firming up dates this week.

    In Phoenix airport between flights. My wonderful vacation is over. Hard to leave - I had so much fun with wonderful friends. Back to ID for 3 weeks, then slowly heading back to Tropical Land. Not sure what the next 3 weeks hold, but I guess I'll find out!

    Waving from a way too busy airport...

  7. Thanks for the B-day wishes from yesterday. It's been more of a birthweek celebration here which is both nice and a little surreal. Am still mud-wrestling with the novel. This one has currently has me three falls out of five, but I'm hoping to get back on top in round six, which I need to go start up now.

    Hope all y'all are having a lovely weekend. The heat finally broke here so I'm back out on the screen porch which usually results in more and better work.

  8. The heat still has south central Indiana under its down comforter. My bike ride was shortened by it and the need to go to school and get a little work done for my first day with kiddos tomorrow. When I'm made philosopher king, school won't start until after Labor Day and will end no later than the week after Memorial Day, also every weekend will have two Saturdays.

    Maria, congrats on the new kitty.

    Farf, my favorite insomnia song is Michelle Shocked's "Sleep Keeps Me Awake."

    Hi to Dina, Nancy, Beth, Kelly, and everyone else.

  9. Dreamcatchers made of yucky sticky stuff. But cool.

    My book group was ecstatic about Scent and want another book from Nancy ASAP. No pressure or anything N. ;)

  10. Aw, Mary, tell them I'm ecstatic about their response. ::goes to bed happy::