Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

Webs of Wire

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Riding My Bike
by Anna Williams
(at age 10, Barnstable, Massachusetts)

My wheels don’t seem to touch the road
As I fly through the wind.
When I look down,
The road flashes by.
When I look up,
The world is slow motion again,
And I swerve a corner,
Almost floating.


  1. That those little wires can support the wheel itself, the bike, and all 200+ pounds of me is amazing. And they're musical too.

  2. Hi Jim! I was about to ask if that poem was from one of your students, but then I saw the town. Does anyone else remember a little playground song to the tune of the Ballad of Casey Jones? The first two lines were:

    She was comin' down the mountain doin' 90 miles an hour,
    When the chain on her motorcycle broke…

    I'd be out at the dog house with a camera right now, but Mason keeps trying to wake up & he'll probably make it on one of the next few attempts. There were two small chickens in the dog house with the puppies, which led me to wonder aloud whether Crissy had eaten so many chickens that she just squirted two of them out with the puppies. :-P

    I just hope this batch doesn't have the problems that the other litter did. Oh well, I'm going to hit Publish & see if I simul-posted…

  3. Oops, I forgot to mention: new Mason pic on the blog if you haven't seen it yet.

  4. Jim, that's why all kiddos should have the bike experience. Floating and flying doesn't mean you have to leave the neighborhood.
    How interesting that the spokes speak and testing tension. Love the video. Science Geek here.

    Farf, Mason and Moptop are a fetching pair. Glad you have been able to reclaim a bit of home since they've moved. I dream of those days.

    Daughter went back to Austin to finish out school. I'll go down Saturday to help retrieve stuff that won't fit in her small car. Then Hubby's office will be the only room without a permanent occupant. Still am hanging No Vacancy sign.

    Got two inches of rain Friday but mostly just upped the humidity with the 100+ temps. Bah.

    Nicky, my story is getting clearer so hopefully words will fly better on this side of the pond. You keep going girl.

    Waves to all as off to write. Meeting a friend for lunch so look forward to great conversation, laughter, and good food.

    Relaxing Sunday to All.

  5. The talent of children...and folks who ride bikes in the heat! Both very impressive!

    Enjoy your lunch, Lisa! And I'm hoping to visit Austin on the way to FL in September - I keep hearing what a great place it is.

    Enjoy all the little ones, Farf, 2 and 4-legged.

    Trying to finish the book today, since I fly to San Diego early tomorrow and won't have time to work all week. Just play. Doggone it! :-)

    Off and running (writing). Have a relaxing Sunday, everyone!