Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

A Delicate Thing in Search of a Delicacy

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The Spider's Web
by E. B. White

The spider, dropping down from twig,
Unfolds a plan of her devising,
A thin premeditated rig
To use in rising.

And all that journey down through space,
In cool descent and loyal hearted,
She spins a ladder to the place
From where she started.

Thus I, gone forth as spiders do
In spider's web a truth discerning,
Attach one silken thread to you
For my returning.


  1. An unually spikey variety. What kind is it, Mr. Jim?

    Brother got a pet gate so we can start some desensitizing of critters. One of the visitor kitties really wants to make friends. She jumped on top of the gate and eventually into our den. Atticus the Corgi rushed to be friends and kitty hopped back into the hall. I had Springer leashed--barking and growling--our drama king. The last time we did it, Kip laid beside me with out as much upset, so progress.

    Jen, so great to see you. Summer slump--a bummer. Cool drinks and a good book to read for you.

    Farf, I hope Dora's imigration woes are cleared up soon. You crack me up.

    Beth, keep at the revision.

    Maria, hoping the words are a flowing for ya.

    Jim, we are in the final leg of summer freedom. Be kind to yourself.

    One of the ladies on my writing loop won the Romance Writer's of America Golden Heart award for her Contemporary Romance (unpublished) and one of my teachers at SMU won a Rita for Suspense/Adventure Romance. Good Karma--come our way.

    Waves and Relaxing Sunday to all.

  2. Lisa, as best as I can figure out, it is one of the many varieties of Micrathena gracilis.

    Teachers first day back is on the 12th; kids don't come until the 16th. But I have workshops all next week and will probably be at school every day the following week getting geared up. I'm still going to find time to get on the bike every day I can until it gets too cold or wet.

  3. Nice shot. We have a spider trying to occupy the corner of the open garage door here; that's the closest I've seen recently to this spider's handiwork. Jim, could you possibly bike to the school & kill two birds with one stone?

    Thanks, Lisa, and good luck with the desensitzing. Sounds like the initial negotiations are underway. We had a springer mix long ago; he loved our two cats but wouldn't tolerate interlopers (especially the one who came up to pick fights). Oh, and congrats to your writing loop champion! Does that mean her MS will get published?

    Homecoming at church today — for those of you who aren't familiar with it, a lot of people who moved away come and one of the former preachers delivers the message. Follow up with a huge lunch and a couple hours of draggy-twangy stuff that I won't stick around for. (Actually, Mrs. Fetched is talking about not sticking around for the lunch.)

  4. I love the ending to that poem - but you're going to scare Jen back into hiding, with that picture!

    School already?? Egads. Teachers aren't due back here til the end of August, but seeing back to school stuff in the stores is sobering - even though it doesn't affect me any more. Except for a nod to the season's changing - and my heading south, like the geese. Enjoy your freedom while you still have it, Lisa and Jim!

    Hope the critters figure it out soon - but it sounds like fun to watch their antics.

    I'd stick around for the lunch, Farf, and a little of the music...but I know it's not your cup of tea.

    Rewriting going well - 2 pages of notes left. But they're biggies - enhance characters' goals, tension on every page - not stuff I can mark off in a day. But it's still rewarding.

    Happy August, everyone - can you believe it?

  5. Jim, great site to give ya ideas for stories. Spikey spiders, who'd a thunk it.

    I have one more week than you. Will light candles and send kind thoughts.
    I've started walking again. Not too much, you and Andi put me to shame, but I had to get going again. I'd love to ride a bike to work, but hadn't figured out how to not sweat and offend all once getting there. That and I don't need the children knowing I live so close. They don't need more ideas.
    So you ride with the wind, baby, while you can.

  6. Farf, school's about 25 miles away going the shortest route. I ride there and back sometimes in the summer, but I don't think anyone would want to be around me if I rode there during school. I'd also have to leave the house in the dark. I'll stick to biking after school - great stress reliever.

    Beth, I hope it doesn't frighten Jen or any other Miss Muffets away. IRL it's probably about a quarter of an inch long. Objects on the screen appear larger and more threatening than they really are. I can't believe how fast this summer went. Looking forward to the time when back to school stuff doesn't cause me to break out in a cold sweat.

    Lisa, thanks for the lovely thoughts, and right backatcha.

  7. Little Miss Muffet
    sat on a tuffet
    eating her curds and whey
    along came a spider
    and sat down beside her
    and she beat the crap out of it with her spoon.

    It's not world peace or anything, but I have gotten brave enough to catch spiders in a cup and carry them around a little bit so they are now included in my catch-and-release critter preservation program. Personal growth, I has it.

    Looking forward to the time when back to school stuff doesn't cause me to break out in a cold sweat.

    Get those sweats checked out, dude, those little ankle-biters are chock fulla germs. ;p Here's to hoping you win big at roster roulette this year.