Tuesday, August 24, 2010

States of a Queen

Both images taken August 14, 2010.
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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Miata's a pretty good good choice for a dream car, Beth. Red, of course.

    ... back to today.

    Hate to start with a downer but I thought I'd let everyone know that Giddy is not doing well and unless there's a miraculous change, we'll have to take her to the vet today. And though I will miss her terribly, I don't really feel sad -- she's 15, which is unusually old for a dog her size, and she has had a very good life. I'm happy for that and for getting to share that life.

  2. The Grand Dame deserves to run unfettered in the hills and forest of doggie heaven when the time comes.
    Cyberhugs to the F Pack.

    Thanks for all the best wishes for Bro. He's still being poked, prodded and drained to check for possible causes.

    Day one went well at school. Fewest kiddos ever and so we combined classes and had a much easier time. May not last long, but enjoy while we can.
    One teacher continues to make herself and the rest of us miserable by being prickly and uncooperative. She uses so much energy feeling unappreciated and hurt. Sucks the energy right out of me.

    Beth, convertable always sounds fun. If I could afford two vehicles, one would be a cute two seater ragtop. I've gotten spoiled to sitting higher up and having plenty of cargo space. Alas I'll keep my Highlander.

    Nicky, fox hunting sounds so upper crust. I'd just be happy riding with the crowd. Though my equestrian skills are nil. Enjoy that weather. Only upper 90s predicted for here.

    Farf, hope the kitty finds its way back to the food bowl. Great effort on the writing lately.

    Waves to Nancy. Looks like Sally's porch might be enticing with the cooler temps up your way.
    Terrific Tuesday for All.

  3. Hey all! Andi, the Queen Anne's Lace (aka wild carrot) has already done its thing. Here's hoping Giddy gets better. August is the month for breakdowns and similar; the heat gets to be too much, I guess.

    Lisa, sounds like that teacher needs to be put with the emo kids! Thanks for everything… Aries hasn't come back yet, but she was a semi-feral kitten, so I'm hoping old instincts are keeping her safe. She lived in the detached garage for a while, so I keep looking for her in there (no luck so far).

    Beth (last night) — a Solara convertible? Hey, why not? Might as well get the wind in your hair for the full effect. One of my bros had a Miata back before he started reproducing, I'll ask him what his experience with it was if you want.

  4. ::croaks:: Hi, gang. I'm on day 3 of miserable cold/sinus infection. :(

    Staying away from the mimes so I don't infect anyone.

    Andi, may Giddy run with the Wild Hunt!

    Beth, best on the car choice. It's tough!

    Lisa, glad you survived day 1. I was thinking of you as I lounged on the couch unable to breathe.

    ::waves to you all::

  5. Oh, Giddy being near the end of the path,
    that Gid-sized hole in the woods, empty?

    That is bad news, AndiF

  6. Sending hugs, andi. 15 is very old for a dog Giddy's size. The sorrow of being a good pet owner and knowing when it's time to let them go. I know you'll miss her.

    And sorry about being sick, Maria. Lay low, lots of chicken soup and garlic, and get better soon!

    Definitely red, andi. I'd buy the Miata today, but until I KNOW I'm done road-tripping for a while, just can't handle the teeny weeny trunk. Thanks for the offer, Farf. It'll be my next car, prolly. In the meantime, yay for Toyotas, Lisa.

    Hope the low numbers continue, Lisa, although we know that prolly won't happen. Boo for selfish coworkers, though. Farf's right - she needs to sit in the front of the class.

    Supposed to have a ton of work show up today - all due at midnight. Taking a break to watch Eat Pray Love with girlfriends, but otherwise I'll be tethered to the laptop.

    Happy Tuesday, y'all!

  7. Oh Giddy. She is a grand old Lady. I'm feeling very sad.

  8. Hi everybody.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts.

    Giddy would not get up, drink water, or eat this morning so we took her to the vet first thing. I think maybe she had a stroke because she seemed completely unaware of anything around her. I will miss her.

  9. Big hugs, andi and Jim. You did the right thing.

  10. I appreciate both the hugs and your saying that, Beth.

  11. Andi, I am so sorry to hear about Giddy but remember that you did what was best for her. Major hugs!

    Maria, ugh - feel better.

    The car discussion reminds me of my mother's 80 birthday. I took her to Hawaii and we spent three days in LA - driving in a red Miata convertible. One of my all time favorite cars to drive.

    I hope today gets better for everyone.

  12. Oh, so sad, Andi. Our old dog was well over 16 when I finally made the decision and now our senior cat is on his way to 18, but still seems to enjoy life, in spite of arthritis and cataracts.

    Fox hunting isn't actually so upper crust these days, Lisa, more like farmers, etc. But it's banned anyway, except in special cases - seems to be flourishing! (I tried riding: it's a long way down and the ground is hard, so I gave up!)However,as foxes aren't controlled so well now, there have been some horrific tales of attacks by urban foxes, including twin babies only a month or so ago. And I spotted one in our garden last week, and trembled for the visiting guinea pig (luckily in a fox-proof run.)

    However, my book is set in 1858 and the people ARE pretty upmarket, though it's too early to use the Oscar Wilde quote, which would be fun to have squeezed in.

    Happy rest of the day, all.

  13. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it.

  14. To Giddy, a walking companion, friend and all around good dog. May her spirit hover over the woods and send squirrels in the direction of Sniff and Bebo and photographic inspiration to you and Jim. May she live in the hearts she left behind, I know she will in mine.

  15. Oh Mary, that was just beautiful.

  16. Oh, Giddy. You were and always will be so loved, and you were and always will be loveable. We'll all miss you.

    Piling on the hugs with everybody else, Andi and Jim. You can't have too many.

    Andi,when you feel like, maybe you could give us some of Giddy's greatest photos? That would be really lovely to see.

  17. Thanks to everyone for your kind words and wishes.

  18. Already done, Nancy. Stop back by tomorrow. :)