Monday, August 23, 2010

Shy of the Limelight

Taken August 4, 2010.

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  1. Sniff guides us up the hill, and down and back up--puff, puff.

    Spent the evening in the VA hospital with brother. Started having trouble walking and getting up and down. High white count, some sort of infection, so they admitted him. Got in after ten last night.
    Here's hoping the first day with kiddos goes well with foggy brain.
    Got my lesson ready so will be fine.

    Still almost 88 and supposed to be 105. Somebody douse us with some cool, clear water.

    Off to get ready to do battle with the forces of ....

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Sorry to hear about your brother. I hope his stay is short and he feels better soon. And here's hoping for a nice, quiet day with the kiddies ... unlikely as it may be.

  3. Ditto on your brother, Lisa. And school today. Hope everything goes well.

    STILL undecided re the car. But I've committed to making a decision today, and being done with it. Took the weekend off from thinking - watched a movie, wrote, and napped instead. Meeting a friend today for the "best mojito in CDA," or so we've been told. And trying to be kinder to myself.

    I'll try to bring this cool weather to TX with me next month, Lisa...

    Good luck with Monday, y'all!

  4. Look out Sniff! Scotty's going to beam you up!

    Lisa, hope your brother gets back to OK soon. The Boy had similar symptoms when he got diabetes… I assume they've checked his glucose levels & ruled that out already. Cooler weather is coming, sooner or later. We've got no rain & below 90 (well, highs of 89 are below 90, right?) coming this week, just in time because I need to take the bike to work. Maybe the spokes will cause some back-turbulence and send this cooler air your way. BTW, I think it's the forces of Hormones you're battling.

    Good luck whichever way you decide on the car, Beth!

    Me, I got a fair amount of writing done over the weekend. Unfortunately, it was all on Book II, but #49 went live on the blog this morning and I have everything up through #69, so I'm a little comfortable at the moment. #50 (next week), #53, and #55 are all pretty large, so they'll be going up in two parts (Mon/Tue).

    Mason didn't sleep well last night, after having just a middling afternoon nap and a really short morning one — up at 11, 4, and 6. And Aries found that she could push the porch door open and escaped sometime yesterday. I fixed the porch door after the cat got out, but Sprite's a lazy lard-butt & he won't go far from the food dish. I just hope Aries shows up again… DD will be pretty cheesed.

  5. Andi, Those are some lucky dogs. What a beautiful place to romp.

  6. Have done no writing for about 3 days (not even the prescribed 50 a day!) but my subconscious is working and has told me I need to incorporate a fox hunt in my Victorian melodrama. Luckily, I have a cousin who can give me some stuff about modern hunting, and I can wing it with regard to the history!

    Have a good day, everyone. Sunshine and showers here today.

  7. Just in case you're asking, Beth, I'm voting a 1948 MG-TC. British racing green, of course.

    Too much commotion in your life for me, Farf. It makes me tired just to read your descriptions of it.

    Thanks Teach.

    And, Nicky, you'll be working in Wilde's the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable into the story as well, right? :)

  8. I love the way the light is streaming through the trees. Beautiful!

  9. I think Sniff just got beatified, and while still quite alive, too, which is no small feat. St. Sniff? Cue other dogs rolling on their backs while they laugh hysterically.

    Lisa, best wishes to your bro!

    Farf, I hope the cat comes back soon. You'd better pray to St. Sniff.

    Waves to all car-buying, subconscious-percolating, photo-taking, Monday-taming peeps.

  10. Hey CG, maybe some day we'll et Finn to take an outing in those woods ... right after the fried biscuits.

    Nancy, if they need a patron saint of snuggling, Sniff would be the right dog for the job.

  11. ... or patron saint of getting black hair on everything I wear.

    Night all.

  12. Could I find one, andi, I'd snap it up just for you! But it looks like it'll be a Solara convertible for now, and a Mazda Miata as soon as I stop this road-tripping nonsense...

    We'll see how it turns out - stay tuned!