Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky

Taken August 5, 2010.

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  1. I'll dream of cloudy and cool. It seems another week of triple digits predicted for us.

    Survived the first day. It was iffy if I'd go running out of the high school auditorium screaming with boredom when the superintendent spoke. I can take and enjoy the beginning rah rah, but 20 minutes of no relevance drives me crazy.
    Teachers are bad. For the second year, part of the presentation included texting responses. They flashed on the screen in real time. Most had to do with lofty ideals and education, but "Obama Sucks" rolls down the screen. Obama had been in part of the pictures earlier because he campaigned in our giant gym when he was running for President.
    I laughed and thought, now what a great tool to use in the classroom. I can imagine the equally cleaver comments our kiddos would write. Luckily we don't allow phones in our building. Personally I wouldn't be sending trackable comments--Duh.

    Daughter made it in so now we're one BIG happy family.

    Maria--What a cutie Kit Marlowe is. Looks alot like a Katrina kitty my brother adopted--one of the newbies in the herd. Yeah for finishing story and back to 5. My friend was asking about when your next book was coming out.

    Beth, enjoy Idaho and more revision.

    I got feedback from my indi editor. Not too bad really. Two chapters to big time rewrite. The final chapter didn't work at all for her. The rest is more minor. Nice to get kudos on fixing much of her suggestions from round one.
    Kinda scares me that it may not take that long to fix and then I'll really have to start shopping it.

    I've got my words written for this morning. Off to shower and get ready for day two.

    Cyberhugs, Jim, already with kiddos.
    Waves to Dina, Kelly, Farf, Jen, O, Nicky, KB, MaryB, Nancy, and all others to come.

  2. Morning, gang!

    Lisa - glad you survived day one and the stupid rah-rah speeches. I always hated those as a student.

    Off to the mimes in a bit. Still struggling with litter brands and stinkiness. Sigh. I'd forgotten this part of cat ownership.

    Maryb - no worries, Kit won't be anywhere near Deptford! ::g::

    Have a fabulous day all!

  3. Just a quickie before I bail for the mimes. It's cloudy here too, hoping it stays sort of temperate like yesterday. Whoa, it's raining!

    Lisa, I think "the last chapter didn't work at all for her" is kind of scary. But yeah, I was imagining the texts your kiddos would put up: "I hope Mary transfers in" "u no who ur: pop that zit!" and similar sentiments.

    Maria, we use Arm & Hammer clumping litter. If you keep it scooped, it does a good job with the smell. Give KM a head scratch for me!

    Waves to those behind as I look forward to a soggy commute…

  4. Yay for cloudy days - wish I could see one! And rain - hope the commute wasn't too soggy, Farf.

    Congrats on surviving the boring speeches, Lisa - and the great comments from the editor! That's not bad at all. And yes, the shopping isn't nearly as much fun as the writing. Nancy tells a story about her editor pointing out that the wrong person did it in one of her books, so you're in good company. (I think that's right, isn't it, NP?)

    Supposed to be 90 today, dropping to 70 by the weekend. And today I run from 9am til dinnertime. Need to get some work done in there somewhere - feeling the press of my time here ending.

    Maybe Kit can learn to use the toilet, Maria! :-) Though probably won't be able to flush...

    Off and running. Happy Tuesday, y'all!

  5. First day done. Now you can start the countdown to the next summer vacation, Lisa. :)

    I have no experience with cat stuff to offer you, Maria -- for some reason, The Pack has not even been welcoming to any of the feral cats who've come by.

    Farf, I would love to have some of your rain. Would you like to share?

    I'm kind of shocked at those temps, Beth, in northern Idaho but since they aren't going to last, I guess it's just a fluke.

  6. We've been below normal all summer, andi. It's usually in the 100's by now, but we've barely seen 90. Not that I'm complaining! There's not much air conditioning out here, so we open the house at night when it cools down to 50, and then close it during the day. We're typically dry, though - not a drop of rain in sight, when Montana is getting deluged.

    It's a weird weather summer all around...