Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Red Green Show

The No Duct Tape version.

Taken August 11, 2010.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Those normal three digit temps surprised me, Beth. I always think as everything in the northwest as cooler in summer (even though I've been in eastern Washington and know better).

    ... back to today
    And the cooler temps have arrived -- only 88 yesterday (I kind of hate having to be happy about temps in the upper 80s). No rain though.

  2. Andi, Beautiful trees, woods , light.

    It's 85 at 5 am so do dance for upper 80s.
    Presentation today by me and a couple of others.
    No dead time--Get it done.

    Drive by wave to all.

  3. Morning, gang! We continue in weather hell. Under flash flood warnings until 10:15 p.m. (how they get the :15 bugs me). Already several major thoroughfares are closed in the District and there's been one water rescue this a.m.

    Here in Alexandria, just wet. I'm not in a low lying area, thank goodness.

    Kit is doing well. I ended up swapping out traditional litter box for this. It totally lives up to the hype and he is using it with no fuss or bother. I've already packed up the old box.

    Life continues at chez Lima, where I am working on a guest blog post for the Lipstick Chronicles, thanks to Nancy plus diving back into BLOOD SACRIFICE. w00t!

    Have a pleasant Wednesday!

  4. Rubs hands in anticipation of Maria's blog post for TLC!

    Hi, all. I have Book Brain, which means I'm a writing zombie these days. Forecast: more of same for next several months.

  5. Hi,, all. Don't forget to post a link to Maria's blog when it goes up.

    And love the Red Green show. Both the trees and the TV one.

    Same old, same old here. But Kansas trip is pinned down so I have something to look forward to.

  6. Such a serene shot, andi - I need it today!

    We've been getting continually hotter in the summer for years. Used to be a day of 100+ degrees - in past years it's been over a week. Looks like this summer is already winding down though - 70's by the weekend. And we really could use Maria's rain - sounds like you have more than enough, argh.

    I feel like an avalanche is waiting to fall on my head today. Lots of stuff that needs doing, including buying a car. I do NOT want to sell mine, but with 230K miles, it's a sad reality. So that's today's task, along with a million others.

    So - off and running. Good writing, Nancy - good everything else, all!

  7. Waving the rain your way, Andi… hope it makes it!

    Hey Beth, the old joke about Toyotas is that they're just getting broke in after 200K miles. And most of that in your case is highway miles, which are easier on the motor. if it's not showing signs of impending FAIL, don't worry about it. I'd give it at least a year.

    Enjoy the Book Brain while it lasts, Nancy!

    Waves to Dina, Maria, and later-comers.

    Last night was a llttle more productive than expected. I banged out a 1000-word (DarkSide) blog post, then got in another 500± words on the White Pickups sequel. Looks like there will be a lunch trip to B&N on behalf of Daughter Dearest. Later!

  8. Good point, Farf. There are "leaks," according to the mechanic who looked at it in June. And I know the brakes need work. And the power steering pump is leaking. I'm just seeing dollar signs re labor costs as one thing after another begins to fail. So..... I wish I had a crystal ball that could tell me it indeed will go for another 100K!

  9. Drive by hi! Waves to all!

    Gotta get back to work.

  10. I'm sure you got it done to perfection, Lisa.

    Wow Maria, that's scary. And depressing that you're being drowned while we are being dessicated. Can't wait to read your post.

    So, Nancy, does a writing zombie only eat dead letters?

    I'm very jealous of your Kansas trip, Dina.

    Ugh, Beth, I hate car buying. I hope it doesn't turn out to be too painful.

    Forecast says it's not working, Farf, but I'll try being hopeful.

    ::waves back to b2::

  11. Beth, the way we look at it: what's an (admittedly large) one-time repair bill look like compared to four years of monthly payments? (Not to mention dealing with the Great Pool of Slime that is an auto dealership.)

    Andi, there's a line of storms up in TN right now. I'll wave harder, they just have to get through KY to reach you after all…