Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh No!

Everybody keep looking until we find Sniff's head!

Taken August, 2010.

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  1. Hey Andi, Have them look for Fall while they're out there.
    Today will be 17th day in a row of triple digits in Big D. WooHoo--NOT

    Great time with Daughter. I was a drippy, smelly mess after walking all over campus in the triple digit heat. Wimp be me. Matisse exhibit was interesting--a series of prints he made--Many nude studies. Makes a full figure girl feel alright about her body.

    The Body exhibit was interesting. Seeing all the real organs--who knew the liver was so big and stomach so small. The veins and artery branches were fascinating. Don't know how they extracted them for view.

    Hubby home from Lubbock and Daughter back today. So casa filling up. Hommie cat HISSY when Newbie came out for a visit. Pups are much calmer.

    Maria--Welcome to Parenthood. Darius will be in charge soon. We cat owners know that. A monthly pet rent--interesting. Hey, maybe I need to charge for the visiting lizard and cats.

    Beth, happy trails.

    Farf, pups are darling. Here's hoping this bunch is healthier.

    Kelly, enjoy porch time. Here we're still in scorch time. Bah.

    Jim, Major Cyberhugs for First Day.

    Speaking of work, gotta go get ready.

    Marvelous Monday for all.

  2. Morning, gang!

    Lisa, I wish you fall and soon. Ugh for your weather. :(

    Darius has become Kit Marlowe--after a full day in my company, he just wasn't a Darius. He's totally a love bug and he knows he's a handsome fellow.

    Farf - cute pups! Hope they do well.

    For those of you returning to the mimes after a long break, I salute you.

    Have a great day!

  3. Sleeping canoes - looks like summer's over, at least at camp. Doesn't sound like it from the temps, though - stay cool, folks. 91 here today, but back to 80 by the end of the week. A cool summer so far in North Idaho.

    Back in Idaho for 3 more weeks. Feeling the press to fill my days with favorite places, people and things before I head south.

    Good luck with the first day of school, Jim. Seems so early.

    Glad Kitty is making himself at home, Maria!

    Wish I had a porch to write on. I'm tackling my first book again, since it needs a major rewrite. But have to work around coffee with friends, dinner with friends, and a chocolate tasting tonight.

    Waving to all who follow - hope your Monday slides by!

  4. Welcome, Kit. I hope you don't have too much trouble training Maria.

    Beth, good luck on the rewrite.

    Lisa, sorry about the heat - I hope it breaks soon.

    Andi, love the picture. Maybe the head is with Spock's brain?

    Waves to all who come later.

  5. Sounds like a really "cool" day, Lisa. Too bad the temps couldn't catch the spirit. Jim went weepily out the door to the first day with kids but I'm sure the hugs from you will help.

    How long, Maria, before Kit Marlowe shows up as a character in the Blood Lines books?

    Though I don't have a sweet tooth, I'm pretty sure that for most people a chocolate tasting would make an excellent reward for a hard day of writing.

    Dina, I think it's a logical impossibility for a dog's head and a brain to be in the same temporal plane at the same time.

  6. Hey all! Poor Sniff, I hope he finds his head soon, but I have to agree with Andi about the brain thang.

    Lisa, next time drench your clothes with water before going out in those temps. Old motorcyclist trick: fill helmet with water, put it on head (allowing water to cascade down shirt), put vented jacket on over wet shirt. As long as you're moving, you stay cool until the shirt dries out. We've likely got another month of really hot weather ahead of us on Planet Georgia.

    Maria, nice renaming! At least you didn't name him Cat Five. ;-)

    Beth, you sound as busy as I am… how do you manage that without having a 9-to-5???

    Hey Dina, and everyone coming along…

  7. I just had coffee with a couple of temporarily unemployed friends, and we were discussing how we ever found time to work, given how busy we are.

    I DO have some online paying work to tackle...if I can find time! :-)

  8. @Farf - Cat 5, indeed! Wish I'd thought of it! Playing on iPad whilst Intarweb connexion @ the mimes is flailing.

    Want to go home & write, darn it!

  9. Heh, Kit Marlowe. Tell him to stay out of taverns Maria.

    A chocolate tasting Beth? I hope you kept saying, no I think I need to taste that OTHER one again before I decide which one is best. :)

    Hi Farf, Lisa, Andi, Dina and anyone I'm missing. Weather broke here and now it's just hot, not miserably hot. ahhh.

  10. Funny enough, maryb, it was so rich I ended up taking a bite, and putting the rest in the wee bag they so thoughtfully provided, to be enjoyed again tomorrow. Very interesting, the things they put in chocolate - cayenne and chipotle and pepper and green tea - all yummy, though!