Saturday, August 28, 2010

Life Imitates Art: More Monet

Taken August 16, 2010.

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  1. Gorgeous!! So cool & refreshing.

    Up way to early for a Saturday as I'm off to the vet for Kit. He's been sneezing quite a bit, so I want to have him checked out.

    Then back home for the sequester!

    Happy weekend, all!

  2. Shimmering greens, soothing.

    Got Bro home. Took two containers to organize drugs and diabetes monitoring equip/stuff. In good spirits and seems to be getting around fairly well with the walker.

    First week at school was best ever. Kiddos dribbling in but not in droves yet, so manageable.

    Wish I could be sequestered to write/edit. Got my new word goal met already, will work on the editing seriously today.

    The newbies have invaded my bedroom. I think you are right, Andi. First the house and then the world.

    Jim, enjoy the weekend off. How is this year's crop of kiddos? I'm thinking I may buy Mockingjay today. I got a coupon for 50% off and would like to see how the series ends. I know you had preordered. Then I'll donate it to school.

    Maria, kitty sneezing/colds happen. So not that unusual. Kit has a good mom!!!
    May the writing force be with you.
    Sensational Saturday to All.

  3. Monet, indeed! Lovely.

    Some of the world seems to have lost its collective mind today, so I'm going to sit in a coffee shop and pound my keys and invent a world with a few sane and decent human beings in it. A few. :D

  4. Morning! Also up way too early, after not enough sleep, so the ripples are a tonic to my frazzled brain.

    Kit has a cold? No fun, Maria, but he'll enjoy making you worry. :-)

    So it was diabetes after all, Lisa? I'm not surprised, like I said it sounded like The Boy's symptoms. Here's hoping school isn't the calm before the storm!

    Nancy, I haven't seen anything outside the normal range of crazy around here, but I do live in a free-range insane asylum. Maybe that's what we're all trying to do, published or no, is invent a better world?

    Mason's napping, here's hoping I get one a little later.

  5. "free-range insane asylum"

    lol, Far!

    This has been a hard week for dogs and cats, to judge by the facebook, blog, and email posts I've seen. One after the other people speak of a sick pet or a vet visit, or worse. I trust that Kit will be purring soon, instead of sneezing, and that far can stop picking out maggots,omg.

  6. Ooh, I love water pix - and Monet!

    Sequestering and coffee shop sound great. I'll be sticking close to home. My arm hurts something fierce - but I only have myself to blame. And I still have work to do, argh.

    Hope your bro feels better soon, Lisa! And ditto to Kit.

    It's way too early in the am to be thinking about maggots....ugh.

    My friend Kelly is in town tonight for an outdoor concert, just in time for a cold front to come through. Hopefully we won't hit our low of 44 until after the show is over. Summer is just about over in ID.

    Off to find more drugs, and slap myself again for stupid typing positions. ARGH!

    Happy Saturday, y'all.

  7. Hi, all. I am having trouble posting again - some posts never made it but sending good thoughts and congratulations as needed.

    Hope this makes it through.

  8. Gesundheit, Kit. Super sequestering to you, Maria.

    I just finished Mockingjay, Lisa. I could barely stand to put it down. And of course, I'm right about the cats. :)

    You just noticed that about the lost minds, Nancy? Huh, I thought you writers were supposed to be paying attention to everything that happens so you can use it your books. ;)

    Glad I could supply so rippling tonic, Farf.

    44 sounds lovely to me, Beth. Take care of that arm.

    Hi Dina. Yep, you're really here.