Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just Wait Till Next Year

Camp ended Friday. Jim goes back to school next week. Waves of heat and calendar dates can't drown the message of summer's end.
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  1. Mmm, peace, quiet, still waters running deep. Lovely!

    I'm determined to get this short story done, darn it. The bones are all there, I just need to finish fleshing out. I think the main issue is that I've fallen in love with this new character/world and I want to write more! ::g::

    Must rein myself in for this iteration.

    Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

  2. Waving in passing again. The book is bucking and jumping and generally acting like a horse that's never even seen a saddle, and staying on board is soaking up all of my mental capacities and motivation. Will post again when I get the book gentled a bit.

    Hope everyone is having a good August so far.

  3. Hey all! Too bad about camp. I think it sucks that they start school so early. Michigan is one of the saner places, they legislated a Labor Day week start a few years back. The school buses will be clogging traffic all too soon.

    Maria, finish the short story and keep writing… you'll either make a novel or an anthology of short stories.

    Kelly, "gentle" as a verb has a certain meaning… you getting the scissors out?

    For those of you not on Twitter, Buster T. Butthead punched his ticket and went to doggie heaven Thursday afternoon. It was, I believe, at least partly out of loneliness & boredom, not having Samson around to run with or fight with (and that fighting part helped Samson to punch out a few months back). Of course, Crissy the World's Most Obnoxious Mammal had another litter last night, so we now at least have a larger number of smaller dogs.

    Mason was also 11 mo old as of yesterday. Wow… that means we'll be heading to the resort in another month. Just got to survive August — after a couple of years of halfways decent Augusts, we're back to the normal brutal heat/everything breaking down kind of month. Right now, he's enjoying his morning nap. Or I'm enjoying his morning nap, anyway. :D

    Off to tweak up the next WP installment… will return later.

  4. *snorts* In this case it was more euphonius than saddle-broke, and roughly synonymous.

  5. Just saw the spiderweb posts while catching up on past threads (pun intended) and I would so make that into a gateway between worlds. Gorgeous and creepy, what's not to like?

  6. Okay, Kelly, from now on I view spider webs as portals, and will try to be enthralled rather than creeped out. Tkx. :-)

    How sad that camp's over already. The lake looks lonely. Even though it's 90 degrees, I hear the calling of geese as they fly overhead and a deep-seated fear thinks OMG SNOW WINTER ICE COLD RUN RUN RUN.

    Ah, the problem of writing too much, Maria! Maybe you could pass your extra to Lisa... :-) So much writing going on these days. Good success, Kelly!

    Feeling the press of a self-imposed deadline. Wishing I'd been writing the last two years. Kicking my own buttocks.

    Sorry about the doggies, Farf. I remember them fondly. :-(

    Getting back to work. Happy weekend, y'all!

  7. Have returned from my morning walk. 78% humidity so the dripping sweat concept is easy to produce.

    Hubby and daughter making breakfast, brother cleaning bathroom. WooHoo.

    I got 175 words done before being ticked off earlier. Did some freewrite to open up my thinking a bit. Why is it I'm so good at fleshing out interesting secondary characters and my main character lags a bit pale?

    Nicky, I dream of that word count. Honored that I can be an inspiration.

    Kelly, I love the bucking bronco book.

    Farf, Sleep Mason Sleep. Pups coming and going, sounds like the circus can open another ring.

    Maria, here's to restraint after all out fun with the story.

    Jim, enjoy the weekend.

    Andi, thanks for the calm, quiet waters. Chaos is my life right now. Need that balance.

    Beth, thanks for thinking of me. I can use any leftover words.

    Hope no one losing electricity during the INTENSE heat. We at least got a bit of rain last night, but still to get over 100.

    Sensational Saturday to All.

  8. Somehow I'm betting you will write more, Maria. What's the new character like?

    You can always go for 'green broke' instead, Kelly. Not only does it have a certain poetic feel, it fits nicely with the process of writing a first draft. And I'd love to see a story of yours where a spider web is the opening to another world.

    I'm so sorry about Buster, Farf. But then again ... puppies! So cute ... especially when they aren't living at my house.

    No deep-seated fear for the geese that will show up at the camp lake soon, Beth -- they stay here all winter and don't seem to mind when the lake freezes over either.

    Freezes over -- right now that sounds completely lovely ... doesn't it, Lisa?

  9. Schools in Scotland go back about now, having broken up earlier than England. Here it's six weeks from end July to beginning of September, but we've a Bank Holiday to get over first: last Monday in August. Still summer here though!

    Lisa, you're still putting the magic 'fluence on me, across the miles: 1000 words today. I'm pretty sure they're cr*p, but better than nothing!

    Happy day, all.

  10. NINE puppies. I just hope they're not as shrill & egotistical as their mom.

    Pix when I get a chance. I did FINALLY manage to get the new chain on my bike.

  11. So nice that Lisa is being a good influence on you, Nicky. Now you can bounce that influence back to her, then she can bounce it back to you and you can bounce it ...

    Nine puppies. Well that's both a boatload of cute and a boatload of PITA, I'm sure.