Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Stopping By

Taken August 8, 2010.

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  1. Starting school with a full week of classes is exhausting. I need Friday to hurry up and get here and Saturday and Sunday to take their time leaving.

  2. Amen, Jim.
    I was in bed at 7:30 last night reading and lights out before 8:30. Presentation went well. One unhappy camper. Always one in the crowd.
    Then getting new technology pieces organized. We now have projectors in every classroom, so had to distribute speakers and plan a system for laptop plugin. Had help so gotta use it when ya got it.
    Today--New Textbook inventory system.
    Exciting isn't it!!!

    No editing yet, but am making my daily writing goal. Nicky, 50 is keep me going.

    More interaction between Homies and Newbies=Hissssssss.

    Maria, you crack me up with kitty gadgets. Kit will have fun with you.

    Waves to all as off to the mimes.
    Thursday Winking at Friday.

  3. Morning, gang!

    Jim, I feel for you, so much.

    Lisa, yay for the writing!!!

    Now that all my short stories, essays and guest blog posts are done, I'm diving deeply into the book. 1000 words last night. I'm hoping to beat that tonight.

    Yay for Fake!Friday (though tomorrow I have a WAY early morning lab appt. ::grumbly::)

  4. Crumbs, Lisa, you make me feel guilty! Even 50 is proving a struggle at the moment as we're up to our eyes in visitors. Plus the kids have another 2 weeks holiday so I've been pretty hands-on and have two of them (7 & 2) for a sleep-over on Saturday.

  5. No editing til the first draft's done, Lisa - you know the rules! Or at least the rules according to WRW.. :-) Congrats on putting words on paper! Ditto Maria!

    You're a saint, Nicky - I would go nuts with all of those people around. Hope you find time to squeeze in a few words soon.

    I can't find time to write, either. Argh! Too much going on. Hopefully this weekend.

    Never talked to the car salesman yesterday - he was busy, and then never called to let me know he was available. Ditto today. Strange. Guess I have to call again. Or is it a sign that I should skip the car-buying?

    Hope to make travel planning progress today - I'm driving myself nuts!!

    Sorry Jim. :-( The weekend will be here before you know it.

    Okay, done stopping by. More later! Great day, all!

  6. Ha, spurred on by the guilt induced by my brief visit here, I've churned out 800 words. OK they're probably rubbish, back-to-front and upside-down, but it's all I could dig up when I looked inside my head!
    And now I'm off to a nice pub for dinner, to meet my husband who has been for a long walk in pretty countryside with a load of other people. (I don't do 'walks', so I dropped him 2 hours ago. I'm only going for the food. And drink!)
    Bottoms up, all!

  7. Nicky! Great word count!!

    Beth - bah humbug to those rules. I totally edit as I go. Then my final draft is REALLY close to final. Takes me a little longer to get a draft done, but it's nearly polished at that point. Of course, this is how I work best and I can't recommend the insanity to others! ::g::

    Trying to make it through the rest of the mime day!

  8. True, true, Maria. Dean Koontz edits each page as he goes, apparently, so when he's done, he's done. Nice to hear that you do it another way! I think in the end, whatever is easiest, and makes for the best story. :-)

  9. Hi Lisa, Maria, Nicky, and Beth. Glad to see all you scribblers are worki ... wait if you "write" using a keyboard, are you still scribblers?

  10. Moths! One was in my bedroom last night and landed on my hand. It took off before I could react beyond "WTF?"

    Welcome back to the working world, Jim! Hope you get comfortable in the saddle quickly. Here's hoping Lisa gets an easier time of it this year, too.

    Go writers! I have to admit, I edit paragraph by paragraph, and sometimes line by line. I consider the result to be a 1-½ draft. (And yes, I do that even when in a major burst.) Good to see Maria does the same thing, I don't feel quite so weird now!

    Beth, I'm pretty sure the other guy never gave the msg to the original salesdroid you wanted to talk to. You'll have to call him back, I'm sure.

    This is Virtual Friday for me. Tomorrow, I'm helping Daughter Dearest move back to college. Hey, there's only so much stuff you can pack in a dorm. And only a 40% chance of rain. What could go w0rNg?

  11. You realize you just jinxed yourself, Farf! :-) Send that rain this way...

    Yep, I called back and sure 'nuff, they didn't give him the message. Creep. So he's putting numbers together as we speak (type). I, on the other hand, have been hacking away at travel plans all morning with little success, so I'm off to find a glass of wine and a pie.