Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hurry Sundown

Taken July 31, 2010.

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  1. Sunrise, sunset. Those moments of first and last light are so powerful. Beautiful job, Andi.

    It's the triple digit days that wear on us.

    I tortoise along with the writing. Slow and steady. I focus on the steady.

    Cyberhugs and a glass of lemonade or iced tea to any and all.

  2. Hurry quitting time, anyway! Upper-90s weather be damned, I have GOT to get outside and get some exercise.

    Snippet is spending a couple of days at her mom's (yay!) and took Mason with her (um, yay?). Sleep is good, but I do miss the big slobbery grin and the hug waiting for me whenever I'm spotted.

    Writing is progressing some. I scribbled a few hundred words at lunch yesterday and added some more last night (among much cleanup). Posting the story on the blog helps, it means I have some kind of deadline to go back and flesh things out or at least clean them up.

    It's hump day, and I'll leave it at that. ;-)

  3. Good Morning, Andi & Lisa & Far -- and everyone to come.

    I've stuck with the knitting (I'll post some photos after my sister in law teaches me how to do the finishing) and it's helping me get through these hot, hot days. It doesn't seem quite as painful to sit around inside all day if I'm seeing progress on my scarves.

    Still it's frustrating to be virtually locked in the house so much of the time. Pretty much the only time I leave is to help my parents for a few hours a day.


  4. YES FOR SUNDOWN! I'm all ready for quitting time and NOT heat. ::g::

    Doc appt went well. They drew a ton of blood. Ick.

    Car got 1 yr service today. 2005 miles on it and all is in tip top shape.

    Short story is coming along. I got to put in another 1000 words or so while I was at the car dealer. w00t!

    All in all, successful day and it's not even noon.

    Hope those of you that want to get outside, can do so today.

    At least the week's nearly over. ::is optimistic::

  5. Dramatic sunset, Andi - who was up early then? Yesterday was wet so everything's green and fresh today and the very hot weather (for us) seems to have given way to something comfortable.
    Have to admit to not even managing my 50 words yesterday or today but as I'm painting instead, that'll have to do for the creative stuff.
    And gardening too: we're now a 3-toad family, plus a baby slow worm, all discovered when we lifted yet more old slabs and stones.

    Hope it cools down for those who want it cool, and warms up for the rest!

  6. Ha, how stupid of me - it's sunrise, not sunset. My post makes no sense!

  7. Cathy--go to a coffee shop and knit. You'll get out of the house, you'll be cool, and--like me when I write in coffee shops--you'll get the illusion of a social life, lol. Try Dunn's catty-corner from Borders. They have comfy arm chairs.

  8. We don't have the temps that you do, Lisa, but the heat index here is about 100 so I'd say it's equally miserable. :(

    Enjoy the snoozing, Farf, and think how happy Mason'll be to see you when he gets back.

    My sympathies (and empathies) kb. Even the dogs don't want to leave the house.

    Who knew car dealers were so conducive to creativity. Way to go, Maria.

    So nice to share your garden with Toad of Toad Hall, Nicky. And you're welcome to imagine that as sunrise -- I'm always up before them anyway so it could be.

  9. Since 'head's been MIA, I've missed sunsets. Thanks for sharing yours, andi!

    Cool and cloudy in San Clemente so far today (it's only 8:30), but it looks like the sun is trying to peek through. We skipped the beach yesterday, although it was a stellar day, and are going to try today. Hopefully Mr. Sun returns soon!

    Lebanese dinner last night - pita, hummus, tabouleh, pickles and veggies, a cold spicy zucchini relish, falafel, garlic potatoes, and a bean dish (foul something). And sinful desserts from the bakery down the street. YUMMY! Drinks and sunset over the water tonight, then I head to San Diego to change friends.

    Wishing we could split the heat and cool between us.

    Hope the results of the tests are good, Maria.

    Yay for writing and rain and painting. And Hump Day!

  10. Cross-posting! Waving to NP and her coffee shop, want to see pix of the knitting, KB, and cooling hugs to the pack - both 2- and 4-legged members.

  11. Or, Nancy, everybody to come to Starbucks in Columbus, Indiana and we could have a big meetup. :)

    Sunsets in the summer are not very common for me, Beth, since the trees and hills obscure them so it was nice to get this one down in the valley. I miss Knucklehead's glorious sunsets too. If you need a fish and reef fix, though, you can get that here and here and here.