Monday, August 30, 2010

How to deal with Mondays: Lie Down on the Job

Hey, lying down is The Job!

Taken August 14, 2010.

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  1. You are my heros, pups. Plenty of room by Sniff for you, Andi.

    Weekend whizzed by.
    Hubby heading to Lubbock for the week helping a friend paint the exterior of a house.
    So Daughter and Bro will hold down the homefront. Bro doing pretty good.

    Maria, hope the concentrated writing time paid off.
    I always worry when I blog that I've got a typo. Spelling not a strength and add to that my less than stellar keyboard skills.

    Beth, ice or heat for the pain which hope will be fleeting.

    Still in the 90s so Fall is taunting us but elusive.
    Enjoy those cooler temps.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Hey all!

    I'd love to take the pups' advice, especially since sleep was a little on the short side last night (partly my fault, I was working on the bathroom project), but I need to get caffeinated and on the bike.

    Lisa, do you not have a "spell check as you type" feature in your browser? I've seen it work in both Safari & Firefox. Look for squiggly red lines.

    Later… *YAWN*

  3. Napping sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon...any afternoon!

    Thanks, Lisa. Woke up with less pain, woo hoo! I guess staying off the computer is helping. Tried heat the other night - am considering a massage to go along with the drugs. :-)

    Hope you have an easy Monday, Farf. And it's 42 now, heading to 70 today - wish I could fan the cooler temps south. I'll be heading back into heat this weekend...

    Hope everyone had a productive yet relaxing weekend. I'm off to see if I can figure out what my next book's going to be about!

    Maria, hope your health issues are clearing up - egads!

    Happy Monday, y'all!

  4. Morning, gang. Ran out to doc's first thing for blood draw.

    The writing weekend turned out to be a bit of a bust, sadly. Whatever this inflammation or whatever is keeps kicking my energy in the bum and I spent most of the weekend sleeping. :(

    I hope to make up for it this coming weekend - with Friday AND Monday off, plus birthday w00t!

    Here's to a stellar Monday!

  5. Maria was a big hit on TLC yesterday. Of course!)

    Having a day of thinking that everything I have written on this book is boring crap. Yesterday I still liked it. I need to go back to yesterday when all my writing crap seemed so far away.

    Joins dogs.

  6. Plenty of room, Lisa, as long as I remember who actually owns the couch and who decides how much room I get.

    So Farf, I guess that gap between 8 and 5 didn't get filled with either caffeine or naps.

    Happy pre-birthday, Maria. I hope you get a gift of many, may words.

    Hi Dina. Bye Dina.

    So Nancy, sounds like the perfect time to watch Doctor Who, Back to the Future, and Peggy Sue Got Married.