Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here's Looking at You

Taken July 23, 2010.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Hi Maria, Kelly, Nicky, Nancy.

    And back to today ...

    Such a bad host -- forgets to come back and greet everyone. Such a good host -- no VGW to terrorize everyone.

  2. Pretty flowers!!

    Brother and Hubby headed up to OKCity to retrieve things that wouldn't fit in small car. Up and back trip. Here's hoping things don't get too heated.

    Farf, Son+Job=Hope It's a good thing.

    Nicky, Grandsons--that'll keep ya hopping. Have a great visit.

    Maria, Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler stalk the elusive Writing Mojo on this week's Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Actually Marlin watches while Jim wrestles with the pesky Mojo. He should have it subdued soon and you can get to writing.
    A Poltergeist--pesky critters. Who ya gonna call...

    Kelly, have a nice cuppa to keep energy up while writing.

    Beth, keep up the good progress.

    Dina, water yoga sounds wonderful.
    I've been walking again, but the heat doesn't make it too much fun.

    Andi=energizer bunny, stacking wood in this H & H--tips my hat at you.

    Waves to Nancy and all others to come.

    Keep cool and have a wonderful Weds.

  3. Pretty purple posies.

    Hi, Andi and Lisa--we delicate flowers can survive this heat right?

    Off to the coffee shop earlier and earlier to write more and more.

    Waves--to get the air moving.

  4. Ooh, purple!! And no VGW! Such a thoughtful host, andi...

    Up and back in one day, Lisa? Wow! They are true road warriors.

    Coffee shop sounds lovely, Nancy - maybe I'll try that this morning, too. Writing in the same place day after day gets boring.

    Had a great Persian dinner last night with wonderful friends - I just love ethnic food. Yay for friends with Iranian fathers!

    First reader caught great stuff in my WIP - I'm still laughing over the things I missed. Off to fix 'em!

  5. Ooh, pretty flowers and so soothing!!

    Lisa - hah!! Love it!

    Sending you all whatever energy mojo you need as I try to focus on mime time.

    BTW - all the pics are up for San Diego and most of them are captioned.

  6. Love the flowers!

    Lisa, water yoga is wonderful. I have a lot of trouble balancing (thus the cane) and it has helped. We focus on the core muscles which also help reduce the pain of standing and walking.

    I even set the alarm to get there which is something I don't do much anymore!

  7. Based on my two trips to OK in the summer, Lisa, there'll be a dust-up as well. ;)

    The Pack is giving me survival lessons, Nancy. Lesson 1: stay inside. Lesson 2: find a comfy place to lie down and stay there. Lesson 3: repeat Lesson 2.

    Don't just say you had Persian. Beth -- tell everything you had in detail! How am I supposed to enjoy my vicarious dining adventures if I don't know what the menu was.

    Thanks for the link to the updated pics, Maria.

    Water yoga sounds like a great way to keep active, Dina. Especially now when we have warnings excessive heat warnings telling us to be careful if we go outside.

  8. Hey all! Love the flowers… iris?

    Working at home today, which means I get a little Mason time. Snippet's having "back problems," and got snippy when I suggested she stand up with him when he was ready to sleep (he likes being walked, not rocked) & huffed off. He was out in 2 minutes & slept until lunch time.

    Part 4 of Book 1 is underway now, woohoo! I keep hoping for a BURST OF PRODUCTIVITY to finish it out, but I'd also need some undisturbed time & that's a rare commodity these days. Ah well, back to the mime thing.

  9. Sorry, andi! We had naan and basmati rice with tadigh (which I guess is the brown crust on the rice) and Khoreshte gheimeh. A dry rose wine before dinner, and a malbec with dinner. And fresh peach pie and coffee for dessert. It was delicious, and made me feel like I was somewhere exotic again, instead of North Idaho.

    NOT that I'm complaining about being here; 75 degrees and sunny, with a wind (17mph) that blew me off the porch and inside because I was cold. At least the wind has blown the haze away from the fires. But they're calling for thunderstorms this afternoon, which are cause for concern.

    Farf, you are far more patient than I could be with those kids of yours (not Mason). Which is the reason I am childless.

  10. What a lovely shade. I had a dress that color once and I wore it until it wore out.

    I'm back from the North Woods where the highs were in the low 80's. It's hard to come back to this heat. It was 102 here yesterday and I haven't looked to see what it hit today. I don't go back to the mimes until tomorrow so I was going to spend today running errands - by 1:00 I was done in. Back to the air conditioning for me.

    Beth that peach pie sounds yummy and I wish I had some right now. I wish there was a pie place that would deliver. Now there's an idea .... pizza pies and desert pies, delivered right to your door.

    FarF I'm with Beth, you are far more patient than I could ever be.

    Hi Maria, Lisa, Nancy, Dina and anyone else I missed.

  11. I don't know what it is, Farf -- though I'm sure it's not an iris. And I'm with everybody on the amazingness of your patience.

    Beth, Khoreshte gheimeh sounds yummy (and I love naan) -- mouth is watering.

    Welcome back, Mary. I hope you had a great time at the lake.