Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Following Curves

Taken July 24, 2010.

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  1. Love the colors and shapes here, Andi. That red in the foreground opposing the green with the silver in between. Nice.

    Two visitor kitties came out to our side for a visit yesterday. Springer in office with Hubby so not drama. Hommie cats cautious but no hissing fits except with each other this morning. Trying to figure out who's who in the dark is a trick. Much butt sniffing predicted in the future.

    Maria, hope hurting hip and intermitent memory lapses improves.

    Dina, lazy days are required this time of year. Lucky you.

    Beth, keep at the rewrites.

    Waves to Nancy, Kelly, Farf, Jen, Nicky, O, and all others dropping in.

    Sent first four chapters to my writing pals that hold me accountable. Not to be read so much, but to signal my primitive brain--Write on. Lets me let go and move forward.
    Interesting how much I don't need others to tell me how I'm doing with this book. Yet. Once I get to the first plot point, I think that's when I'll have a decent chunk to get feedback on.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. At first, I thought the canoes were a time-lapse waterfall. Eyes are getting slow to boot up in the morning… or it might have been because someone posted waterfall shots to twitpic. New glasses are in my near future, probably next month. Mason's getting over the grabby stage, so new spex will survive.

    Keep on writing, Lisa! I managed about 1K words in the last two nights. Blew through the first 50 and kept going. Sounds like your kitties are starting to adjust, which is good.

    The Boy has a JOB!!! He took my car and went to it this morning. What wasn't so good was me having to go get Snippet at midnight from *her* job (he needed to get to sleep). I guess I'm taking Daughter Dearest's car today. Maybe it'll be cloudy all day like yesterday & keep the temps in the low 80s again.

    Stay cool (or warm in the southern hemi)!

  3. Waves to all.

    Congratulations to the Boy! I hope it is a great job that he loves.

    Lisa, great that the four chapters are on there way. Today isn't so lazy but it starts with water yoga which is all to the good.

    Happy Tuesday all.

  4. They look like the noses of really big fishies...sea monsters lurking in the trees...

    Yay Lisa - great that you know what you need to keep moving. And yay for new glasses - I'm not so sure about water yoga, but it sounds better than most ways to exercise!

    Just a few more things to do with book - everything I add brings new insight, which is fascinating. A couple more days...

    Persian dinner tonight, yum. Til then, hi ho hi ho...

  5. Four chapters! Woo hoo! You are definnitely write on.

    It's a shame, Farf, that public transport in the U.S. is such crap. But having jobs in this economy is definitely something to be happy about.

    I just finished stacking wood in the h&h, Dina, so water yoga sounds delightful.

    Good news on the book, Beth. And come back and tell us all about the dinner. I love eating vicariously ... yumminess without the calories.

  6. Lovely gentle curves = quiet time and time for reflection.

    Tuesday is another day, right?

    Writing up job descriptions @ the mimes today. Hoping my writing mojo for the fiction will return and quickly!

    I'm convinced I have an in-home poltergeist / spirit-who-hides-things. Stuff keeps disappearing! I'm totally at a loss. ::sighs::

    Hip is still there. ::g::

    Yay for Lisa's chapters!!

    Yay for Beth's progress!!

    Boo for my lack of progress. :(

    Need a brain boost... :)

  7. Lisa, congrats on the forward progress.

    Beth, w00t! on revisions.

    Everyone else, waveies!

    It's 93 with 65 percent humidity here, bleah. Fortunately I have 48,000 words that really need to get written in the 30-40 days, so don't have time to go outside. Yay?

  8. Wow, great news on the Boy's job, Far, boys are such a worry! Our lovely daughter-in-law and three little boys are here for a few days while our own 'Boy' keeps his nose to the grindstone. Little boys are 7, 6 & 5 and they eat non-stop but run around so much they're slim as reeds.
    No writing today but churned out 250 words yesterday, that'll have to do!

    Happy Tuesday to all.

  9. So much going on in everybody's lives!

    Pretty, graceful photo. Nice.

    Farf, Boy-job, good!

    Melting. . .

  10. Thanks much, Dina Andi & Nicky! Yeah, I've expended a lot of worry on The Boy in the last few years. I just hope he finally gets his act together.

    Maria, I hope your hip gets better. Sucks to be demobilized, even if it *is* temporary.