Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fine Lines

Taken August 4, 2010.

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  1. Love the lines and subtle colors, Andi.

    Isn't it Friday yet? School has been good but I haven't adjusted to working full days all week.

    Maria, hope this is fake Friday for you.

    Nicky, I love the guinea pig story. Poor young man having to worry about being forced to eat meat.

    We're staying in the 90s for the rest of the week. Wonderful being in the 70's yesterday with 3/4inch of rain. WooHoo.

    Thursday Winking at Friday.
    Waves to All.

  2. Talk about still life… not a ripple in that water!

    Hey Lisa, this might inspire some kiddos. Good to hear you're finally getting a little cool-off there!

    Rough night at the manor. Blowflies were attacking the puppies for reasons unknown (but what reason is needed for a cluster**** in August?), and we had to bring them inside and clean them up (and in one case, clean out an open sore). I was up past 1:30 am, but it was even worse for Sprite. In the space of a week, his owner left for college, his friend Aries disappeared, and now he's been displaced from the porch. Much change-related stress for that tubby cat. He ended up sleeping in our bedroom last night; laying on our bed, he purred for the first time in a week.

    The mimes are calling. Hope I can stay awake.

  3. From yesterday: Thanks for the great pix, andi. She truly was lucky to be a part of your pack.

    Hope they find some answers for your brother soon, Lisa! Glad he's with you.

    Vegetarian chicken - still laughing. I was a vegetarian for 20 years, and heard it all (one boyfriend's family cut the meat up small and hid it in food, thinking if I couldn't see it, I wouldn't care that I was eating it).

    Get better, Maria!

    Poor pups, Farf. Hope you find them good homes. And thanks for the song link - ah, the life of a writer.

    Better get busy - online job calls. Big hugs to all!

  4. Waves to all.

    Happy 90th anniversary for women voting.

    Hope all two and four footed beings are doing well. We have sun and cool temperatures (so far).

  5. Hi, gang - sadly, no Fake Friday for me today. I'm working tomorrow @ the mimes. :(

    Weather is significantly cooler, yay!!

    Going to sequester myself over the weekend to write. Book 5 won't finish itself...

  6. We're getting a bit of cool off too, Lisa (but no rain) -- the low tonight is going to be 51!

    Cool story, Farf. Poor puppies. Poor Sprite. :(

    Don't work too hard, Beth.

    Yay for the 19th amendment, Dina. Now if we could just revive the ERA.

    Sequester always sounds so evil when they say it about juries, Maria, but I guess it can be a good thing for a writer with a deadline.

  7. That's a haiku of a photo, Andi. Just lovely. You could frame it and sell about a million prints of it.

    Oh, puppies and Sprite! And Farf. Rough night indeed.

    Hi everybody. May all be well.

  8. Nancy, what a cool compliment. Thanks! :)

  9. Funny you should mention the ERA, Andi. My grandmother always blamed Alice Paul for its lack of passage. Ms. Paul was not popular in my family.

  10. I'm much more inclined to blame Phyllis Schlafly, Dina.