Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Down the Sky

Taken August 17, 2010.

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  1. Dizzying clouds, Andi.

    31 days of making/breaking 50 word goal. WooHoo.
    Nancy, I'm thinking my boring crap is snoozier than what you've discovered on your pages.
    But the idea that I can sit down and get words on the page regularly and quickly is AWESOME. Letting go of that internal editor for now is freeing.

    Maria, sending an energy boosting fairie your way. Be careful that Kit doesn't mistake her for a treat to eat. Look for the flittering burnt orange--no horns.
    Texas fairies take care of those that have migrated.

    Beth, hope the shoulder continues to improve. 98 predicted for today so very jealous of cool breezes.

    Farf, may the bathroom project finish well. I so want to redo all my bathrooms, but that is such an upheaval.

    Waves to Dina, Nicky, Jen, MaryB, KB, B, Kelly, and all to come.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. For some reason, the gorgeous sky reminds me of the motto for the football team in Friday Night Lights: Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

    I'll keep an eye out for that fairy, Lisa. ::g:: (Oh and congrats for the 50/day sprint!)

    Now that I'm more settled in the new place, I'm considering getting a recliner. Trouble is, they're sooo expensive! (Of course, this from the woman who'll drop the same amount on a computer.)

    Ah well, priorities, right? heh.

    Fab Tuesday to all!

  3. Drive by!

    Snippet said she was taking Mason for a stroll yesterday afternoon & found the remains of Aries. We haven't told Daughter Dearest.

    Need to take a few peeks at various things and get gone… later!

  4. Love clouds almost as much as water pix, andi!

    Sorry about the kitty, Farf. I hope she died naturally...

    Recliner sounds good, Maria - it'll last a lot longer than a computer!! :-)

    Congrats on moving the word count ahead, Lisa. And I'm sure neither your work NOR Nancy's is boring!

    I'm trying to think of what my new one will be about, and that's always the worst part for me. Beating my head against imaginary walls...

    66 for a high today. Waving cool breezes toward the steamy south. I'll be there soon enough, missing the cooler temps!

    Have a great Tuesday, all. I'm off to buy beer for dinner (my contribution to my friends' dinner, not my entire meal) and try to stay out of trouble.


  5. Mazel tov for a month of goal-reaching writing. That's just excellent.

    We have a great recliner we love, Maria. It's not heavy-looking and it rocks as well as reclines. Here's a link to the manufacturer recliners webpage (we have the Niobi).

    So sorry about the bad news, Farf.

    Oh don't stay out of trouble, Beth. It would so not-you and, besides, it's really boring and doesn't provide any fodder for writing. ;)

  6. Second drive by - second day of migraine. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.