Saturday, August 21, 2010

Down the Road A Piece

Taken August 12, 2010.

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  1. Andi, looks like a touch of fall with the yellow leaves and can imagine a cool, early morning fog.

    Almost ready to begin.
    Don't expect too many kiddos and don't have schedules until Monday to know what elective classes I'll be helping with or even what room some of the students will be in based on their classes. I used to get wrapped around the axle, but go with the flow better these days. Nothing I can do, so focus on what I can.
    I'll go in today for a while to plan my lesson for Monday and what I'll do this week.

    Nancy, Dab at my own tears at your wonderful words.
    Will work on some revision and set myself some deadlines on that.

    Triple digits still in our forecast for the next three days. Come on Fall!!!

    Beth, hope the car shopping goes well. Not a favorite of mine either, but nice to have once you get it.

    Farf, wonderful dad taking Daughter Dearest back to college.
    Hey that's one less at the house.

    Maria, Dina, Jim, Nicky, Jen, Kelly, B, KB, MaryB, and all others waves and have a great weekend.

    Off to start my day.

  2. Morning, gang!

    Fall is good. Fall is excellent. Fall is totally just around the corner, right?

    Spending the day writing & resting.

    ::waves at everyone::

  3. It does indeed look like a quiet morning - very peaceful, andi.

    Enjoy your day, Maria - sounds perfect! I'm hoping to get some writing done myself...

    Sending cool temps your way, Lisa - that's way too hot. 55 here right now, heading to 83. They're predicting rain, but I don't see a drop so far.

    A quiet weekend ahead. Hope everyone has the same!

  4. Waves to everyone.

    Fall is indeed good. But we are having a wonderful day here. Which is perfect for the farmers' market that I am heading out to go to.

    Happy weekend all!

  5. It's raining here, but I'm not at the manor at the moment. The Boy needed a ride to his counseling thing, before I'd connected the DSL or had any coffee, so I'm getting both at a nearby coffee shop.

    Lisa, DD is the non-drama queen. If I had to only keep two, it would be her & Mason. OK, Snippet is stepping up, but still.

    Happy writing, Maria & Beth! Maybe I'll get some in myself.

    Hope you find lots of goodies at the farmers market, Dina.

  6. The farmers' market was wonderful. There is a baker there that has a wild berry pie to die for. Got peaches, nectarines, blackberries, zucchini, fresh spinach and corn. I am set for the week, possibly two.

  7. Well, Lisa, no wonder you're a writer -- such a great imagination. :) Too bad it was a hot, humid early morning fog with the yellowed leaves courtesy of the drought.

    Maria, it's kind of surprising how close fall is -- this year has gone by really fast.

    Howdy Beth. How goes the car hunt?

    Ooh Dina -- your market haul sounds so good. Happy eating.

    Hey Farf, your rain finally got here this morning but it wasn't nearly enough -- I'll take some more waved our way.

  8. I've declared a moratorium on making decisions this weekend, andi. Life is too short to make myself this crazy. So I'll tackle it again Monday - but I'm pretty sure I'll buy the convertible. It's the smart thing to do - as long as they come down to my price.

    Today I'm actually writing and napping - it's a nice break from beating myself up!