Monday, August 2, 2010

Come Along with Me

Taken July 14, 2010.

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  1. Curious dog butts and flying ears--a good way to start the week.

    Thankfully the power is back on. Went out yesterday afternoon when high hit 105. We eventually went to a restaurant to eat dinner and get away from the heat. Back on when we got back but a brief outtage after I went to bed. Older grid and high demand--Bah.

    Hubby is home from helping a friend fix up an inherited house. He discovered the wonderful lack of humidity in Lubbock and the not so wonderful result of years of dust storms. He and brother will go up to OKCity later in the week to move some of his things down and do some final touch up.
    Hubby is a handy guy.

    Farf, looks like you've been a handy guy too. I'd love to remod all three bathrooms. But $$$ is the scourge of want to.
    The Golden Heart doesn't result in publishing, but it's likely she got an agent interested in reading her work.

    106 predicted for today and tomorrow. These are the days I'd like to be in Idaho with Beth.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Ah… coffee is the friend of the morning blogger. The morning dogger, in contrast, needs only the smell of something interesting to get on the trail.

    Jim (from yesterday), I didn't realize you had a 25-mile commute. Definitely scratch the bike riding on that one.

    Lisa, you definitely do live close enough to bike… but yeah. A teacher who lived on the same block I did got his house egged back in '76 or so (not anyone I knew, or knew I knew – they never got caught). I'm sure kiddos have gotten more inventive and destructive since then. Power failures suck, especially when the temps are 3-digits (or 1-digit for that matter), so stay cool as you can. We're doing all the work ourselves on this shower room project, so we're only in for the cost of materials (less than $100 total).

    Off to the mimes.

  3. Hola, chicas y chicos! I'm all for running away today. It's Monday after weekend of getting nothing done. :(

    Was going to go get hip xrayed Friday, ended up not finding my doc's orders. Forgot to get car inspected (so it's still on July 10). So worn out from travel (still!) I ended up mostly sleeping.

    Lisa, so glad your power's back on!! That's awful.

    Farf, you are totally Handy!Farf. Wish you were local and I could hit you up for organization help!

    At the mimes already, needing a hot brekkie this a.m. so I stopped by the in-building deli for a bacon/egg/cheese croissant. Yum.

    Hoping today goes well and tonight brings writing mojo since I have a short story due!

  4. They are so adorable. My favorite aspect of this shot is Bebo's ears caught mid-flop. Reminds me of the theme song sequence from Little House when the girls are running through the prairie grasses; the youthful exuberant quality, I imagine.

    Best wishes to everyone for a great week and a great August.

  5. Morning, all! Ouch about the power outage, Lisa. Wish you all were up here with me. I'll fall back to humid reality with a thud when I head south in Sept., but for now am loving this perfect weather.

    If I had a HandyFarf around, maybe I'd still own the house...naah. :-)

    Youthful exuberance - something to strive for in our older age, Jen. And recovering from too much fun, Maria.

    Walking down the path behind the doggie butts in my mind...

    Last sailing class today, postponed from a couple of weeks ago. And more rewriting - bigger stuff today, like tweaking characters. Brain cells hurt already!

    Off and typing. Happy happy day, y'all!

  6. We lost power twice last week, Lisa, so my sympathies. Ours wasn't from heat though. Ugh on temps in the 100s.

    Not just 25 miles, Farf, but very hilly ... and well-stocked with chasing dogs.

    Ah a cholesterol biscuit, Maria -- something we geezers can only dream about.

    Don't tell Bebo, Jen, but I am a sucker for those flopping ears and for hours after I see them, she can pretty much have anything she wants.

    Don't get tied in knots by the typing or sailing, Beth. :)

  7. Waves to all. Maria, I hope that things come together soon. And that the hip isn't too bad.
    To all who lost power - I hope that it doesn't happen again. We have been pretty lucky here with no major outages. The last one lasted just long enough to burn out one feature on my alarm clock.
    I have a wonderfully lazy day today and I intend to enjoy it.

  8. Desultory wave from hot and tired hand. Going to 109 in Wichita tomorrow egads. On the other hand, none of us will be in Wichita, not even Lisa or me.

    Maria, I hope your hip starts to behave itself.

    Jen, really nice to see you.

    And the rest of youse guys, too.

  9. Lazy is as lazy does, Dina -- and it does very well. :)

    Sleepy wave back, Nancy.

    Night all.

  10. Sorry about the heat, NP. Come along up to Idaho. 77 and very hazy - the fires in Central WA are giving us filtered sunlight and a red sun setting. No humidity, cool breeze. I'm on the front porch with a beer - not quite the same as Sally's porch, but darned fine for now.

    Night all- I have words to rewrite and miles to go before I sleep.