Friday, August 20, 2010

Circled Light

Taken August 12, 2010.

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  1. Pretty Pic, Andi.
    I'm thinking more shade and cool. Had a couple of double digits days but that's over and we're on melt down.

    Jim, I'll be listening for the whoop at the end of the day of the first week with kiddos. Cyberhugs.

    Two different projects, Beth. Book 1 feedback from editor back in so will be doing those revision. Still writing first draft everyday. Though I tend to do a moderate amount of editing as I go, I'll do much less with this book. I'm much smarter this time around and what I leave to move on in first draft is so much better than that blundering learning phase of the first novel.

    Nicky, juggling the granny time and visitors is tricky. Interesting how just mentioning my progress got you working--WooHoo.
    I've made my goal every morning since for weeks now. Back to 4 am getting. Heck that's the only alone time I have now.

    Maria, enjoy the weeeeekend with Kit.

    Waves to all as need to get ready for mimes. Dodged the textbook training bullet thanks to principal not making us all go. WooHoo. So today is all about getting ready for kiddos, Monday.

    Fabulous Friday.

  2. ::yawns::

    It's morning, I think. Why did I schedule an 8 a.m. lab appt? ::ugh::

    Lisa, yay for meltdown!!

    ::waves at everyone else:: as I scarf down a banana for brekkie and run off for labs. When I get back home: nap!

  3. Love the circle of light, andi!

    Ah, I see, Lisa. Two projects going at once? Good for you! And I hope the temps gradually slide into bearable range.

    More car stuff today. And hopefully get back to writing. Still making travel plans. Wooden boat show this weekend, and hydrofoils are in town. So it looks like I'll be near the water for a bit today.

    TGIF, y'all!

  4. Beautiful! Still in deep lurk mode. Have just abandoned normal restraints on caffeine intake for duration of the draft. Posting very intermittent through to "the end."

    Hope y'all are enjoying life.

  5. It's cool to see how your experience the first time is feeding this second one. Me, Me, I never seem to get smarter. ;)

    Hope you've come back and are having a nice nap to recover from getting up so early.

    I hope the car stuff get wrapped up soon, Beth -- though you may not feel about car buying like Jim and I do. I've heard the rumor that there are people out there who like buying cars.

    Howdy Kelly. Glad you peeped out of the murky lurk.

  6. Nice shaft of light… is that Jim's light at the end of the tunnel?

    I took the day off, helping Daughter Dearest move. We'll be leaving shortly, got the truck loaded up. Somewhere in there, I got 600 words in on the sequel, should be more to come tonight.

    Everyone stay cool (or warm), caffeinated, and new car-ified!

  7. Hi, all. Just found out I'll probably get to have coffee with Beth when she motors through! Y'all come, too.

    It's really wonderful to read what Lisa just wrote. Whenever I read anyone's first novel I think, "You're going to learn so much from this, and you won't realize how much until you start your second one. I always hope they can be loving and patient with themselves because of all they don't know that they don't know yet. It's such a hard apprenticeship, and when I see writers serving it with all their hearts and effort, I'm really moved by that.

    Dabs tear! Hugs Lisa's first book and second one, too.

    Oh, and nice photo!

  8. And I get to have coffee with Nancy! Woo hoo!

    I just started working on my first book again, planning to fix the mistakes and add it to the "completely done" list. And I'm amazed at how much better of a writer I am now. I'm not sure if I'm going to have to start all over again, or if I can fix what's broke. But it sure is interesting!