Friday, August 6, 2010

Bright Bokeh Bubbles (by olivia)

Blue dart frog and yellow perch, Canadian Museum of Nature. Click images for larger view.


  1. Wonderful shots, O. The perch picture is especially wonderful -- it lets me go completely out of time and place.

  2. Blue seems such a fantastical color for critters. Love the frog. The Blue Footed Boobies in the Galapagos cracked me up.
    Thanks O, for the treat.

    I woke up to 85 degrees and it's not 5am yet--EEKKKK.

    Early up to reacclimate self to writing EARLY. Don't think afternoon/evening writing will be working for me much.

    Daughter comes in for a day or so to visit.

    Hommies doing plenty of hissing at the new cats on the block, but Kip doing less barking. Progress?

    Farf, I love that Mason and you get so much time together. He's a lucky little dude.

    Maria, may the muse be with you.

    Beth, football talk already at work. Ohio St. and OU fans to balance out the principal and I--Longhorns. So that USA poll due out today will be of interest.
    Hook Em.

    Waves as off to start the letting out and feeding of the stock. Luckily, I'm only responsible for hommies.
    Time to start the coffee.
    Early sucks.

    Fab. Friday to All.

  3. Love the frog.

    Lost power around 6 this morning and had very bad moment until it went back on. Too hot here not to have power!

  4. I'd love to see a blue frog live and in person! Thanks, O.

    The critters will finally settle down just in time for bro to move on, Lisa. Til then, remember that 'early' means 'cooler,' relatively speaking.

    Drinks with the girls on the patio this afternoon - I'm thinking mojito. Until then, still pushing to get this book done. My sis read it and sent me notes last night, which means more things to add to the "change or think about" list.

    So I'm outta here! Happy day, all.

  5. We've 'borrowed' two goldfish from No1 daughter's pond; she's moving end of this month to a pondless house, so is leaving the fish. Our last fish was found belly-up, so we've repopulated our tiny pond. Our local frogs are ordinary green ones though, not pretty blue. 6 year old Jim found our resident toad the other day and spent an hour cuddling the poor brute, giving him a swing and introducing him to the visiting guinea pig! Toad's lying low now, so I'd better go out and announce to the world that the boys have gone home!

    Am counting Lisa as a kind of writing buddy and am trying to be true to her! 1191 words today so far, Lisa, so you're my inspiration! (Mind you, I think they're probably rubbish, but still, words is words!)

    Happy Friday, all.

  6. Morning, gang.

    Olivia, gorgeous pics!! I'm willing to be suspended in time & space like the fishy. :) HUGMONGOUS storm passed through here yesterday late afternoon, downing trees, power lines, etc. Tons of ppl still without power. I'm good, though Mother Nature has once again hosed my plans for a lovely afternoon with BFF Carla. Many places around me are still w/o power, as is the main drag where all the restaurants are.

    I suppose I must be zen and roll with the punches.

    Looking forward to a quiet writing weekend.

    Happy Friday!

  7. Love that fish photo!

    Waves to all!

    Thankfully this very stressful week is over! TGIF.

    Good weekend to all!

  8. Woohoo b2, yay for Friday.

    Hope everyone has a great w/e. :-)

  9. Maria, those photos you put up on facebook look as if a tornado or wind shear went through. Pretty dramatic storm!

  10. Lovely pics Olivia. Very soothing after a hectic two-day week. TGIF

    Ordering a pizza and kicking back for a while. Night all.