Monday, July 5, 2010

Zen Sniff Ponders Equilibrium

Taken June 14, 2010.

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  1. Pondering is about all I have the energy for this early, so I'm with you Sniff.

    Daughter is getting ready to leave to go back to Austin. We had a good visit.

    Maria, hope you enjoyed your movies and your writing flowed.
    I keep missing 1776 and have never seen it. I turned on TMC just as it was almost over.

    Jim that was some scary spot that lady was in. Loved the gargoyle.
    You're Strongman in my book no matter what speed and what metal you consider.

    Farf, glad you got home safe. One of my worst times was traveling with daughter after dropping Hubby off for National Guard summer drill. She cried and cried and finally I did too cause I was alone and couldn't get her to stop. Coming home and facing the music sounds a bit ominous.

    Heard fireworks but didn't get out to see any. Dogs very unhappy and had to have frequent barking sessions.

    Waves to all that come.

  2. Good morning to all!

    It sounded like an invasion here last night. Glad that the b2 boy was finally able to fall asleep with all that racket.

    Allergies (or something) have taken their toll on us. A summer sore throat is no fun, not that it is at any other time.

    A final day of rest before what looks to be a hectic week. Ugh.

    Waves to all that follow.

  3. One wonders what dogs ponder... Great shot.

    I love 1776! Haven't seen it in forever. Worth renting, Lisa, if you can find it. Sad that I learned more about that piece of history from the movie than school. :-)

    Welcome home Far. Hope the vacation was fun in spite of the honey-dos.

    Sorry about the allergies, b2. Hope they clear soon!

    Great fireworks last night, but watched them with way too many drunk 20-somethings. Glad I'm way too old for that stuff!

    Breakfast with a Semester at Sea friend, and lunch with a college friend I haven't seen in 29 years. So off and running. Have a great Monday!

  4. Did you send this awful heat to us, Lisa. 'Cause if you did, I would really like you to take it right back. Or maybe your daughter can take it back to Austin. :)

    Ugh allergies. I hope whatever is in the air blows over soon, b2. I hope the hectic week does the same -- it's too damn hot for hectic.

    Beth, here's what dogs ponder: eating, sleeping, chasing stuff, behind the ears and belly scratching. But Sniff is the only dog I've ever had that just likes to sit in the woods and meditate about those things. Hope you have a great day with your friends.

  5. Zen Sniff. My favorite. (Don't tell Giddy and my buddy Bebo).

    I too love 1776, although I like the play more than the movie. I was fortunate enough to see William Daniels in a touring company of it back in 1976. What a great Adams. Then I used to volunteer back stage each summer for a neighborhood musical and one year they did 1776. There wasn't much scenery to move so I got to listen (couldn't see) to it word for word each night for an entire week. It helped me at the second Netroots Nation trivia night when I knew all the people on the Declaration committee :)

    b2 sorry about the throat. I too had it last week - sore throat, drip, lost voice, cough. I assumed it was allergies (because of the post nasal drip) but maybe it's really something else that's going around. I got it right after visiting the Lincoln Museum in Springfield IL which I'm sure is a hotbed of germs. Or maybe it was just allergies.

    Hi Lisa, Beth and whoever else shows up.

  6. Passing through and saying Hi. Still having perfect 'proper' summer weather here and loving it. Off to Sweden soon for a week and hope they'll have good weather too.

  7. Howdy, everybody. Dogs rule. Sniff made me say that.

  8. Hi Mary and Nicky.

    That's weird -- I got a comment posted by Nancy in the mail but it's not here. Hi Phantom Nancy.