Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Taking Another Leaf

Taken July 9, 2010.

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  1. Loves the drippy drops.

    Got a bit of rain here and more possible today. It's a good thing.

    Beth, I enjoy wining across the country with ya. Have fun between getting words on paper.

    Bet Maria is still recovering from the Con.

    FM, good you checked in. Better computer times to you soon.

    Nancy, a good cuppa joe here, pass your cup.

    Need some of that myself.
    Off to tank up and then get to writing.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. I'm BACK! Exhausted, but so glad to be in my own home.

    Saw tons of celebrities. Missed seeing tons more.

    Had a GREAT time, though I could've done without the masses.

    Will spend the day sleeping a lot, no doubt, as I return to the mimes tomorrow.

    A couple of short posts up on the blog but no pics yet.

  3. Has anyone here seen my motivation? It seems to have gone on vacation without me and I really need it back because I've got stuff that needs to get done. Bleah.

  4. After a rain-gorged June, we're having a rain-starved July. I wish the weather gods had a better grasp of that moderation-in-all-things theory.

    Welcome back, Maria -- eagerly awaiting the picture of the Maria-Nathan meeting of the not-minds.

    Kelly, sometimes motivation suddenly finds itself infatuated with procrastination but it's usually just a summer fling. ;)

  5. It's been raining here constantly when we haven't had intense heat. I see that you're getting it too.

    Waves to all.

    Back to scratching my poison ivy. 2nd time this summer. Sigh.

  6. Back "home in CDA after a glorious weekend. Pix and stories at my place starting tomorrow.

    We have a couple of drops of rain falling, but are in dire need of a lot more. Ma Nature sure seems to have her wires crossed.

    Glad you're enjoying the trip, Lisa - you get to experience the fun parts, and skip the long boring drives. :-) Like I did today - Wenatchee to Spokane, egads.

    Poison ivy - ugh, b2. Huge sympathy hugs from a safe distance. How did you get it - and twice, even??

    It'll show up again when you have no time to BE motivated, Kelly - Murphy's Law and all that.

    A couple of hours of down (= blog) time, then a dinner party with friends I haven't seen yet. Starting tomorrow, major writing will be done. Rewrite must be done in 3-4 weeks.

    Waving madly as I switch to another blog...like my own!

  7. Poison ivy -- yuck. I hope it goes away fast, b2.

    Looking forward to reading the stories and seeing the pics, Beth.

    Night all.