Friday, July 23, 2010

Sunshine Thunderstorm

Taken July 20, 2010.

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  1. ... continued from last night.
         o     o
        o    o

  2. You two are a HOOOOOT.

    Shiny rain. Where's the rainbow? The downside of living in the forest is the loss of vistas.

    Very disappointed in Cyrus. Slow and not as funny as I hoped. I hate when I feel like I've wasted my time.
    I did really enjoy lunch and visiting with my friend so all was not lost.

    Farf, thanks for the word count calculations. I'm equating this time to daughter's swimming lessons. She's 28 and been a life guard at a water park so is comfortable in the water. Got in a beginner class to hone her breathing and strokes and learn flip turns. Way too easy for her, so she got in a intermediate class and it kicked her butt. Out of shape and not efficient at breathing. Just what she needed to build her stamina and help with stress.
    I've jumped into the writing pool again and still need to hone my skills and build my stamina. So my fewer words every now and then as I build those is understandable. Staying in the kiddy pool won't get me where I need to go. And treading water will just tire me out. So Onward.

    Sonboy comes in from Canada tonight and daughter coming in from Austin. So will have a little bit of time with kiddos. Warms a mom's heart.

    A great Friday to all.

  3. Yep, way too funny. Enough caffeine for youse guys!

    Yay for kiddo time, Lisa - enjoy every second. And good observations on your growth as a writer. Just keep putting words on paper through it's an eternal learning process, but a rewarding one.

    Wish we had rain...gorgeous here, but dry dry dry. Fires are our natural disaster, and with a wet spring that produced lots of tinder, this season could be scary. Nary a drop in sight.

    Check out the video at my place (no, not of me Zumba-ing, andi) - my sailing class was cancelled yesterday due to gale-force winds. My instructor was busy saving not-so-smart sailors - guess he was right, canceling.

    Breakfast with a friend, test-drive a car, and pow wow tonight - Indian tacos, yum. Off to Seattle early early tomorrow for a long weekend. Enjoy your Friday, everyone!!

  4. (drinking coffee) Good Morning everyone!

  5. I like your analogy, Lisa ... very nice imagery and another way the writer in you comes out. Happy Momhood.

    Glad everything turned okay for the people on the boat (good on not parasailing in that wind too). Also, yum -- frybread.

    Howdy, kb! How's things?

    Well Nancy I was going to make more bubbles but I decided to be the gracious host instead -- that way I get to be all noble and selfless. ;)

  6. Waves to everyone. Quiet day, with rain on and off. Listening to the thunder right now hoping for some more rain.

    Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

  7. Ah Nancy, so you knew I was noble and selfless all along.

    Hi Dina. Lawrence Welk would feel right at home here. :)

  8. Lovely photo although I'm mighty sick of rain AND sun. Wishing all of you a fabulous weekend.