Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Poetry Post

Washington, Whitney: a rose by any other name ...

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At The Summit
by Harriet Monroe

Where bold Sierras cut the sky
Mount Whitney, of the high most high,
Halts the pale clouds that wander by.

We crept and climbed with eager feet,
Until the world, fulfilled, complete,
Plunged like despair before his seat.

So high the peak was we had won
Earth's air wore thin, its woof undone,
And blue space darkened round the sun.

Yet, as we trembled there and quailed,
Lo, higher yet an eagle scaled
Smooth steeps of air, and sunward sailed.


  1. Love the poem, Jim. For me, shorter is great. The action of the words and the pictures conjured up are energizing.

    Well, hubby got a small bit of yard mowed when the drive belt bit the dust. Two hours after the mower shop closed for the weekend. Felt bad for him. The rain stopped but the HUMIDITY is still going strong.

    Sonboy made it to the first stop in Iowa. Always feel better when I know they're off the road. Daughter called and was disappointed in how her Microeconomics exam went. I wouldn't even begin to understand the calculus used there.
    We launch our kiddos and it's nice to still be kept in the loop of disappointment and triumph.

    Kidspeak, thanks for the flower talk.

    Relaxing Sunday to All.

  2. It's not often you see the word "woof" in a poem these days unless it's a dog poem. I remembered woof goes with warp but not why so I had to look it up.

    Hi to Lisa and to all who show up today.

  3. Waves to everyone who stops by. It is cooler today and very nice right now. I know it will get hotter so trying to get some stuff done to beat the heat.

    Luckily have wonderful cherries and grapes to eat today. What else do you need (other than tomatoes)?

  4. Mt. Whitney, reminds me of cooler air found somewhere in the wild, but not here.

    Meanwhile, still struggling to get sleep, daylight & dark, reordered - all the green receptors in our vision are blanked out on overload.

    I hope everyone is having a relaxed Sunday without too much heat suffering

  5. I agree with Lisa - shorter is better. They seem stronger - or maybe they're just easier to read. :-)

    75 and gorgeous here - cooling trend in progress. High of 71 by Tuesday. Wish I could send you all this beautiful weather.

    Heading to a winery that overlooks Spokane for a concert on the lawn tonight with friends - we'll buy a bottle of wine and snack on munchies and enjoy the BIg Band Sound as the sun sets.

    Stay cool, all - Sundays are for relaxing inside with a good book and a cold drink!

  6. Ok, this is little more than a drive-by. Had Mason much of the day, he was fine but I started tackling the ceiling repair in the downstairs shower while he napped. Nowhere near done but a step farther than before.

    And two steps back, of course… the wallpaper is peeling so Mrs. Fetched wants to paint the walls. Amazing that we both wanted light blue, so I guess that’s what we’ll get!

    Back to the mimes tomorrow, oh joy.