Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Greens

Taken July 16, 2010.

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  1. Children in and sleeping in after cheeseburgers and brewskis. Sonboy sporting a new beard. Saw only two other crews the entire nine days canoeing so really off grid.
    Loved it but lost two belt notch sizes with all the paddling and portaging.
    They had a female guide and the boy is smitten. I'm thinking any girl that can do all that with a bunch of hairy-legged teens and three men can take care of herself.

    So nice to have the whole family together even if only a day.

    More words yesterday. Struggling for a persistent, rhythm.

    Maria sounds like she's having a good time on her blog. Says she's tweeting but just haven't gotten into that. I'm afraid if I did the "noise" would drive me crazy. I've put two writer loops on digest and my own loop can be too busy at times.

    Good writing that all that need to. Good reading to all the others.

    We got some rain, but mostly clear skies right not. Not enough, but grateful for all this time of year. Dry days for MaryB and other damps one.

    Sensational Saturday to All.

  2. Love green pictures - it must be summer!

    Sounds like I need to do a 9-day canoe trip - two holes in the belt? Better than Zumba! Fingers crossed for true love. Keep at it with the words, Lisa!

    Went to a pow wow last night. There's something about the drums and the singing and the dancing and the colorful outfits that hits deep inside.

    Off to Seattle this am for a long weekend - back Tuesday afternoon. Seeing girlfriends I haven't seen in many years - one since 1978. Red Sox game, ride on the ferry, tourist-ing in Leavenworth (not the prison), and wine tasting in Chelan. Busy weekend! Guess I'd better get on the road.

    Hope everyone else has a relaxing weekend, to make up for my insane one!

    Big waves to all!

  3. Wow, beautiful green! I got some great shots of Mason & Moptop this morning, finally. M.A.E. is going to be in her own apartment in a couple weeks (signing the lease Monday!) and I told her I'd print & frame one of the shots for her wall.

    Lisa, sounds like a great canoe trip for Sonboy. I have to say, he's got good taste in women if he went for the one who can handle a bunch of guys in the woods. ;-)

    Beth, I know what you mean about the powwow. I went to one in Cherokee NC some years ago & got high off the drums. You should have seen me in the dance circle… or maybe not.

    Hm, I should probably make that thrift store round this morning like I've been talking about for a month, get Mason some more books & some pic frames for this year's Xmas gifts. Mason will go down for a nap sooner or later — at least he slept all night again!

  4. Love the picture particularly as it is hot and humid here. Like the cool green and wish I was there.

    Boring chore day today but they must get done.

  5. I haven't been able to work up any interest in Tweeting either, Lisa. It's good to know I'm not alone.

    Say hello to the Elliot Bay Books for me, Beth. Not quite as good as Powell's but still has a wonderful feel (and lots of books).

    Ooh, buying books for kids -- one of my favorite fun things to do. Have fun, Farf.

    Unfortunately, it is hot and humid here too, Dina. Fortunately that doesn't stop it from being green (though most of the leaves are getting pretty chewed up and faded).

  6. I find that most Tweeters cross post to their LJs. The reason I stay on twitter is that the astronauts tweet and I love following that.

  7. Excellent season finale for Doctor Who. Maybe an astronaut will tweet on seeing the tardis. :)

    Night all.