Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Color

Clockwise, from upper left: dayflower, st. john's wort, self-heal, unknown

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  1. A bouquet--Thanks, Andi.
    I wish I could identify all I see when I'm out walking.

    I hit my writing goal yesterday and then had to fight back panic that I couldn't keep it up.
    Mind demons are a terrible thing.
    So I clarified what I would write today and felt better. Writing is such a mind game--for me anyway.

    Cherokee in July

    A few pics for ya Andi.

    Terrific Tuesday to all.

  2. Oh, pretty!
    Lisa, those photos are so totally Texas. Are those your cattle, if I may be so nosy?

  3. Congrats on meeting your goal, Lisa! Too much thinking is deadly - I speak from WAY too much experience. If you don't meet your goal today, you'll meet it tomorrow. Remember, it's all self-imposed. :-) And thanks for the pix!!

    I spent way too many summer days trying to eradicate St John's Wort from 12 acres of forest land in a former life. Ex was a weed fanatic (he was fanatical about lots of stuff, but that's another story). But the rest of the flowers are pretty!

    Trying to figure out my trip from Idaho back to FL in September - head is spinning. Talk about thinking too much. Might be able to see NP (hi NP!) and Lisa on the way for a cuppa, depending on all of our schedules...

    Off to do something, even if it's wrong (one of my mother's favorite sayings). Have a great day, y'all!

  4. Lisa and I are both plugging in our coffee pots and checking to make sure we have filters!

    I love your mom's saying, Beth.

  5. Doing work on the astronomy education grant thingie today— webcomic with Hubble funding and maybe an eventual release in paper form. If can get the script for that finished up I'll be down to just novel-related work on the writing side which will make things easier.

    Wishing productivity to them what needs it, and happy leisure to the rest.

  6. Oh, almost forgot. Today brought to you by the P (for panic) and the number 4.5 (months till book one is due) and most importantly by Empire Keemun, the tea choice of manic McCulloughs.

  7. Thanks for the pics, Lisa! Worn out bouquet was my favorite but family fishing was a really nice capture.

    Howdy, Nancy. I'm betting those critters are just being neighborly about sharing their methane.

    This is the first time in the 30+ years we've been out here, we've seen St. John's Wort, Beth, so I'm not too worried about it (plus it was at the camp). So I can take pictures of it ... even if it's wrong. ;)

    Kelly, I think I'll skip the P and 4.5 but sipping some Empire Keemun sounds quite nice.

  8. Seeing as St. John's Wort is a medicinal herb, and makes a nice tea (so I've heard), the best way to eradicate it is to want it around. :-)

    Echoing Beth's advice: writing goals are self-imposed, Lisa. Some days the words won't come; that's when you find something else to do.

    Don't panic, Kelly. Remember, you're a professional!

    Mason's up a lot. He's getting better, but between trying to play like normal & fighting off the infection, he's waking up at night… ravenous. Once he gets better, I'll probably get more sleep.

    Better post this before the phone overhears. Later!

  9. Lisa, the best advice I've ever had was to aim for 50 words a day. Yup, that's FIFTY! The rationale is that even on a bad day you can dredge up 50 words, but on a good day you can wake from your writing frenzy and find you've done several thousand words.
    50 isn't an impossible task, is the theory. (Mind you, I haven't even managed 50 today).

    Got the cover design now for my new contemporary cosy mystery: check it out here: www.nicolaslade.com (I never know whether to laugh or cry at my covers, but being me, it usually ends up with a giggle!)

  10. Nicola, that's great advice, even if
    Far is shaking his head, unable to imagine a mere 50!

  11. I love this blog. Supportive writing suggestions and if that doesn't work I know I can get a cuppa tea, coffee, or something much stronger.

    Nancy, the cows are not ours. We lease the property for the ag exemption. My father entered into that deal thirty years or so ago and it's worked out good for us.
    The kids loved to try and catch the cows to pet them and daughter would get quite put out when they ran. We're kinda the cow nursery.
    Thanks for starting the coffee to entice Beth our way.

    Kelly, I admire your charge ahead plans. Keep that tea handy.

    Farf, glad Mason is making progress healing. Hope recovery happens soon so you can find more sleep.

    Nicky, you are exactly right. 50 is a good number. Giggle is right about your new cover. Looks like the music blew her over??? Poor gal doesn't get the dignity of your past two covers. Feet flying up--not even a screaming head.

    We are having a cold front. Only 91instead of 100 today.

    Glad you liked the pics. I need one with a longer lens to catch the critters on the run better.

    Stay cool.

  12. To go with the summer colors, some freaky summer weather -- we had a thunderstorm with the sun shining.

    Farf, I'm glad to hear that Mason is getting better and hope you are sleeper more sooner.

    It's an eye-catching cover, Nicky -- though it's maybe a bit shy on subtlety, kind of trumpets its subject matter . ;)

  13. Lisa, love the photo of Mom teaching the kids to fish.

    Beth, remember the pack will get it feelings hurt if they know you're nearby and don't stop in for a walk in the woods.

  14. I wish the people in around Kansas City would stop sending me thunderstorms. Or at least send a BIG cold wave after them.

    Love the 50 word a day advice. Keep plugging Lisa. We're pulling for you. :)

    Nancy, I'm on hiatus from both of my book groups but one of them is reading Scent this month. And they seem to think this is a good excuse for every one of them to email me and ask me to come back "for just one month". I blame you. :)

  15. And the people in St. Louis can stop sending their storms to Indiana!

  16. Well, I have to re-gift them. :)

    The temps dropped here a bit but it is still like a sauna outside.

  17. Yeah, I noticed the price tags were still on 'em.

  18. Oh please send them this way! Or at least the rain part - it's getting dry and brown here, which means a bad fire season.

    I wish I could come wander with the pack, Jim, but the closest I'll be is Nebraska - unless my plans change. If they do, you can bet I'll be stopping by!