Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Storm Effect

Taken July 1, 2010.

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  1. Mother Nature recycling.

    Hubby got mower fixed and I mowed while he edged and weedeated. But you can hear the grass growing with all the water we've had.

    Sonboy said they saw a brown bear when they made a stop on the last leg of the trip. They fly out today on a float plane and start canoing. He has his camera and has been given orders to take plenty of pics.

    Daughter called in after the first day of classes and sounds good. So situation normal here.

    Farf, hope you are feeling no pain.

    Maria--woohoo to good progress on 5. Love the enthusiasm for vaca and a big smacker at the con would be fun for all.

    Beth--sounds like you are having a great time visiting with friends.

    Finished Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell. Some of the best descriptive writing I seen. Gritty, grim story but with a "happy" ending. Now I'm ready to see the movie.

    Terrific Tuesday for All. Stay cool. Except for Beth--stay warm.

  2. Pretty, though it makes my story brain wonder what nasty thing is lurking just beneath that beautiful placid surface.

    Hello to all. Getting stuff done, but that's about all I've got time for at the moment. So, bleah. Hope it's a joyous July for you all.

  3. Waves to all!

    T-storms here but we do need the rain.

    Finished my latest painting. Looking forward to the next one.

    Good day to all.

  4. I liked Winter's Bone a lot too, Lisa. Very spare and well crafted writing.

    Nothing but little fishies and several downed trees in that lake, Kelly. But if you ever decide to write thrillers ...

  5. I should refresh before I post.

    Hi, b2. Same thing here but we've had a bit of rain this morning.

  6. I'm with Kelly, though it's still pretty and serene. Until I hear the Jaws theme in the background...

    Huge windstorm here last night, ushering in a cold front. 50 degrees now, heading to a whopping 71. Perfect day!

    I'm taking my first Zumba class in a friend's backyard this afternoon, taught by her son's girlfriend - who just happens to be a contestant for Miss Australia later this month. Refreshingly funny, gorgeous girl - no ego whatsoever. And willing to teach a bunch of old ladies! We'll see how it goes...might be more laughing than Zumba-ing.

    Yay for finishing your pic, mowing, finishing books, and getting work done. And hopefully the rain ceasing for you waterlogged folks.

    Happy Tuesday, all!

  7. I've been trying to post and [SOBS] Blogger just seems to hate me today.

    FINALLY here. ::g::

    Tuesday is nearly over. Yay! That means one day closer to Comic-Con and Nathan Fillion. ::g::

    Had a pedicure at lunch today - the kind that starts with little fishes nibbling at your feet. Really odd, ticklish but amusing. Don't know if I'll repeat that experience, but had to try it. Normally, I'm not so adventurous, but what the heck...

    I'm very excited about the direction of Book 5 still, so much so that I want to READ the damn thing already...which means I have to finish with the writing of it. hee!

    Happy Nearly Wednesday!

  8. Thanks for the reminder, Beth, of how out of it I am. I had to go google Zumba 'cause I had absolutely no idea what it was. So was it fun?

    Little fishes nibbling at your feet? For real, Maria?

  9. Yup, Andi - fishes. Big hit in Asia, now finding its way to American salons.

    Rather fascinating, actually.

  10. I'm trying to be open-minded about this, Maria but, but, but .... FREAKY!!!!

  11. I think Idaho salons are a LONG way from toe-nibbling, Maria, but I'd try it if it was available. Very interesting...

    Zumba was fun but boy oh boy, I've been sitting on the couch for WAY too long. I was done after 20 minutes - my friends continued for another 40. You don't realize you're exercising, just dancing and hopping around - and laughing. But I apparently need to get my rear in gear and get back in shape - it was humiliatin'.