Saturday, July 3, 2010


Wooly Mullein (Indiana)

Lupine (New Hampshire)
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  1. Pretty flowers, Andi. Love the yellow and gold intensity of the Indiana version.

    Ended up eating dinner at bar where sonboy works while he set up for work. Nice to visit with him. But mainly had to take boots up to make sure they fit for the canoe trip he's helping to lead in Canada in a week. What we parents do for our kiddos.
    Daughter got in so will have a weekend full of kiddo time.
    Maybe the rain will let up enough to let the local 4th celebrations and such occur. We could wait a week before more rain. Feast or famine it seems.

    A good weekend to all. Gotta try to squeak some writing in early. Starting to plan novel 2 while Indi editor is reading Novel 1 for final edit before query blitz.

  2. Work, work, work, Lisa. No rest for the wicked or for writers -- just think how hard wicked writers must work. ;)

    Off to Cincy to take my mom to my sister for a visit and then to see Jim's Mom.

    Hope everyone has a fine day.

  3. Everyone must be holiday-ing - I'm not so late to the party after all!

    Cool and gray in CDA, typical holiday weekend weather. But the fireworks will still go on. One year I watched them in long johns, in 36 degree temps. So 60's is a heat wave in comparison.

    No work so far today, so catching up on blogs and life in general. Heading out to join friends for fireworks in a neighboring town in a bit, but for now enjoying the purdy new library that appeared while I was back east.

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend - enjoy family time, writing time, and cook a tofu burger for me if you're BBQing!

  4. I think Beth is right: everyone is holiday-ing. I just got back from a golf outing with Wicked Stepfather — I mostly suck at golf but did manage to shoot two par holes (or maybe I need to shoot four practice holes first).

    Hope everyone has a great Fourth!

  5. Looks like there party was somewhere else, Beth. Enjoy the fireworks.

    I hope you enjoyed the golf outing, Farf. It's a sport I could never get into -- my bad swings felt just like the good ones.