Saturday, July 17, 2010

Petals (by olivia)

White rose, pink peony.
(Click on images for larger view.)


  1. So gorgeous, O. The white rose is like delicately whipped up cream.

  2. They look good enough to eat.

  3. Other worldly-pink & cream Sirens to entice you farther into a pink and cream world. Comforting, gentle but lookout for the thorns.

    Heading home today. Had a good time clearing my mind of the static of sameness. Made progress on defining new story and new characters. Will start writing soon.

    Look forward to central air.

    Sensational Sat. To all.

  4. Just beautiful O! Like a breath of fresh air on a hot, muggy day.

  5. They look so soft...but yes, also remind me of ice cream!

    Nice to come home to A/C, Lisa, though I'm sure hard to leave the peace and quiet of the country.

    Heat still hasn't arrived, which is fine with me. I can live with low 80's and no humidity forever. Kind of strange, though - we're usually way into the 90's by now. Not that I'm complaining!

    Lots going on in town today, but I think I'm going to hibernate and rest. Although I hate to miss the lawnmower races...

    Have a relaxing weekend, everyone!

  6. Lovely, looks just liked ice cream!
    Back from a fabulous time in Sweden where the temperature was unseasonably high (and wonderful) and Stockholm as beautiful as ever. Visit to the Carl Larsson studio was magical, and to balance the trip into a His 'n Hers, we went down a copper mine and to a railway museum. Both were actually very interesting too!
    Everything is eyewateringly expensive but such a lovely country!

  7. Jim, lucky you, rose petals are edible! So is the bud (aka "rose hips") left behind after the flower drops off, although they won't be "ripe" until fall.

    I'd planned to come back last night to say hey, but we went to pick up Daughter Dearest and came home to no electricity. It was midnight before the power came back on.

    Hey, guess who just woke up from his nap… later!

  8. Crappy DSL keeps cutting out. Not Acceptable. Then again, maybe I should get some writing done…