Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Partly Cloudy

Both pictures taken July 17, 2010.
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  1. We're still in a period of fine weather (no clouds today) - though we hesitate to claim it as a good summer! I've just taken my own advice to Lisa and aimed for 50 words of my third Victorian mystery. And whaddya know? I came to, needing coffee, and I've done 1200 words!

    Happy Wednesday to all who follow. xx

  2. Morning Nicky. I am very jealous of your good weather as the h&h continues on here -- 2nd hottest July on record. But I'm very happy for your excellent word production.

    Hi and bye everybody else. I've got an early morning dentist appointment and then I'm off to help my mom try to organize several years of paperwork. See you all later -- if I survive.

  3. Morning, gang! Still h/h here, too - what a way to come home after a week of gorgeous San Diego temps! I'm still trying to acclimate to the time zone.

    Go, Nicky!! Now that I'm back, I've got loads of writing (on deadline) facing me. To quote the inimitable Tanya Huff: "I did bugger all" during Comic-Con re: writing.

    Hope to get my pics up tonight post mimes. Lots of fun stuff!

    ::praying to survive mimes::

  4. Love clouds, the emotional reaction of the two pics is so different. Thanks Andi, I'll have to think about how I might use these images.
    Boy, it's the one two punch. Dentist and paperwork. You're a very good daughter.

    Nicky, You've saved my psyche and I've struggled with getting past that first few pages. Having the 50word goal allows me to keep writing but not freak out that I'm failing.
    We've had a couple of days of cooler temps--low 90s.
    Glad you are enjoying good weather on your side of the pond.

    Maria, hope you napped and are able to start the work week energized today.

    Waves to all as breakfast and another cup of coffee calls.

    Wonderful Weds to All.

  5. Hey all! I see FM surfaced for a moment — if you're reading, FM, I hope you get your computer issues straightened out & you can rejoin us soon.

    Nicky, sounds like your little outing did you a world of good. I'll have to try that: zip over to the next town, down a half bottle of wine, write like crazy…

    Andi, yesterday here was less beastly than the ones preceding it, but it's all relative on Planet Georgia. Good luck with the dentist & paperwork!

    Oh my, after ordering the netbook you *still* didn't get any writing done, Maria? That suxxx. At least you're home. Hey, were you in that superhero vs. Westboro tiff out there? Sounds like something you'd have at least enjoyed attending if not participating.

    Lisa, may 5000 words feel like 50 for you today!

    Mason was a real pistol last night, fought sleep until he couldn't fight anymore & went down about 11:15. Even then, I had to walk him around a while (some nights he refuses to be rocked). Things are a little compounded today by Moptop coming home sick. Makes her even more terrible than her usual terrible two-ness, at least when she's not sleeping it off. But she puked on the living room floor, so Mason's not allowed to free-range until it gets mopped up.

    I'm going to have some pix up on TFM a little later today — the current manor maintenance project and a shot or 2 of the two kids together. I had to go pick up some frames from a local thrift store to give M.A.E. when she gets into her apartment end of next week (hallelujah!!!!).

    OK, mime at home time. Later!

  6. Love clouds, because they often mean rain. Hope the H&H abates for y'all soon. They're calling for T-storms here today, but it's clear and 61 right now.

    I'm hoping your attitudes will spur me to writing greatness today, folks! Once I finish checking my blogs, that is...

    Good luck, andi - you are indeed a good daughter.

    Seattle stories and pix at my place - more to come!

    Off and running - throwing kisses to all here, and all who come later.

  7. I survived ... but we didn't finish. Three more drawers to go in the Great War of the Filing Cabinets.

    Hope you survived the mimes and are working on getting the post up, Maria.

    I love it when my images inspire you, Lisa. Hope you got some fine words done today.

    I'll be looking for your post too, Farf.

    Ah ... so someone got their post done ... off to read to your place, Beth. :)