Saturday, July 10, 2010

Orange You Glad

Anybody ever seen black-eyed susan's with orange bands like these? I've never seen any like this before.

Taken June 30, 2010.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Love that orange band, Andi. Mother Nature gives us such fun nuances when you pay attention.

    Sonboy just left to join up with scouts to start trek north to Canada. Poor baby has to drive hubby's full size van filled with kiddos. One of two vehicles. Hubby will be having van withdrawal.

    My head swims as I do research on agents. Make notes in my notebook and looks promising and then read an interview and she hates bullies and my new story and even my last had characters that would be considered bullies. Line through that one.

    I am coming up with scenes that I think will be good. Some characters that I'm really liking so I'm enjoying this fun, exploration phase of novel 2.

    More rain last night and yard is needing baling. Maybe it will clear long enough to let hubby or I get that done.

    Beth, I would never buy new anymore. Too much depretiation and you can save quite a bit up front. The last four vehicles we've bought have been lightly used.

    Maria, Happy weekend.

    Kelly, stay hydrated. That'll throw everything else outta wack.

    Waves to all. Off to make cinnamon toast and then get some story work done.
    Sensational Saturday to All.

  2. Morning, gang! Woke up to symphony playing (on local classical station) and dark skies (rain today).

    Off soon for a spa day.

    Love the nifty orangey sunflowers.

    Lisa, best of luck on the agent search. It's a tough, but necessary process.

    Cheers, all!

  3. Good morning!!!

    I've never seen them with that ring either -- they look cool.

    Drinking coffee. Waking up. It's harder than it sounds.

  4. Ring-a-ding ding! I wonder how that happened, maybe the center shaded the surrounding petal parts?

    Mason got us off to an early start, The Boy and Snippet are temporarily gone, and Mrs. Fetched took Daughter Dearest to the chicken houses. M.A.E. and I are watching Mason and Moptop for now.

    Maybe I should have that coffee I saved for DD. KB, let's help each other wake up!

  5. Pretty flowers! No clue about the ring, though.

    Sounds like the perfect start to a great day, Maria, especially the rain part!

    The agent search is what's keeping me from writing these days, Lisa. Dreading getting back to it again. Guess we have to switch our perspective - thanks for the support, Maria.

    You are a saint, Farf, with all these people in and out of your house. I tried to do Art Walk last night and was overwhelmed by all the folks downtown, so quickly returned to my quiet room. Next month I'll go earlier, before everyone shows up.

    Farmers Market this morning and wedding tonight. And maybe I'll take Lisa's lead and work on my query letter.

    Be careful, Kelly! I get heat exhaustion very easily, and it's awful. Once you get it, you're prone to get it again. And again. And again.

    Everyone stay cool out there today - big hugs from non-humid Idaho!

  6. Mmm, pretty.

    Mysterious rings are well known to be the work of faeries, unless the rings are very powerful and you've found a whole engraved set, in which case you're prolly dealing with elves. I am a treasure trove of these kind of random factoids, btw, none of which enjoy a high probability of being in the same neighborhood with actual facts.

    ::waves and grins at everyone, brings a fully loaded tea tray for Kelly::

  7. I have nothing to say to help you with the agent quest, Lisa, except that I have confidence in your ability to figure it out. And I'm just going to avoid saying anything about van withdrawal.

    Happy -- stormy -- weekend, Maria.

    They do look cool, kb, and I've checked every other blackeyed susan and none of them have orange rings.

    I was thinking it might be something to do with nutrients, Farf but I really don't have any idea.

    If there's an open bar at the wedding, Beth, you could work on the letter after -- I'm sure a little lubricant will be a big help. :)

    Hey, Jen, nice theory but my treasure trove of suspect facts says that fairy rings are fungus, not flowers.

  8. Hi all. Love the ring around the flowers. I would love to know how it got there.

    Everyone good luck on their weekend endeavors. A bit cooler here but not much.

  9. This has to be a rudbeckia, which seems to cast up variations often. See

    for an example of similar (but not as pretty) blossoms. Sorry my sleep-addled brain couldn't get a link to work!

  10. Looks like kidspeak has the answer for us, Dina.

    Thanks bunches, ks. Now I understand perfectly why it doesn't look like any of the other blackeyed susans! :)

  11. Darn. Black eyed Susans were one of the few flowers I thought I could identify. One reason I loved them so much!

    Now I can't be sure. But I love them anyway.

  12. Dina,

    You're not wrong. Black-eyed Susan's are rudbeckias. Rudbeckia's are the genus for B-E'd S, using the so-called scientific nomenclature. There are other common names for "rudy's", e.g. Brown-eyed Susan, Coneflower, Prairie Daisy; and other flowers & things are called B-E S's that really aren't much like the flower you and I call B-E Ss, e.g. Thunbergia Black-eyed Susan, and even a rock band (!

    Oops! Too far afield. . .

  13. Hey ks, you fielded all that info perfectly. Thanks!

  14. Thanks, ks. I love them no matter what - they are so cheerful - but it is nice to know that I can go back to being able to identify Black eyed Susans.