Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Natural at Design

Taken July 22, 2010.

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  1. Great catch, Andi.
    Love these flying dragons.

    Brother arrives with triple trouble. Olive, Murphy, and Libby KATs. My life will be a changing. Here's hoping it's a short term arrangement.
    Farf, I admire your moxy with your own family visitors.

    Thursday winking into Friday.
    Waves at all to come.

  2. Eeeek! I can't bear fluttery flying bugs and moths and butterflies; maybe I won't come and visit you, Andi!
    Have fun with the visiting moggies, Lisa; ours are chilling out, one on my bed, one on husband's computer chair.
    Still following my own advice and have done nearly 2,000 words today. It won't last!

    Happy Thursday, all.

  3. Pretty, Andi! I'm pretending it's brass and not real. ::g::

    Still exhausted. Alas, no Nate Fillion sightings to make my memories better. :( Dude was slippery, I tell ya!

    I posted my pics on Picasa. My sis will be uploading her own pics to the album when she's less brain fried. :)

    Go, Nicky on the word count!!

    Farf, I didn't even know about the Westboro protest until it was over. Inside the exhibit hall, one has very little knowledge of what's going on outside. Too bad, though, would've been a blast!

    Now it's back to the mime-tasks. Doing some application testing today.


  4. Ooh, I agree, Maria. They're pretty when they're flying around, but a wee bit creepy seeing one up close and personal. Although the intricacy is amazing...

    Congrats on the word count, Nicky! I'm rewriting, so can't really count words. Isn't quite as impressive!

    You folks who bring family/friends into your home for long periods of time have my utmost admiration. I couldn't do it. Good luck with the new additions, Lisa.

    A sprinkle of rain last night, and some great clouds lingering this morning. Hopefully more storms will pop up today.

    Enjoy your Thursday, all! Mine involves drinks with my BFF and maybe a walk to erase the calories!

  5. Hey all!

    Lisa, three kitties? Should be fun while it lasts. They may just hide for a week or so, or they may decide it's HOME right away. You never know how cats are going to react… but at least three of them together should help since they'll have each other.

    Nicky, moths and butterflies are kind of fun. It's the ones with stingers I don't like. And keep writing while the Muse is hot, right?

    Maria, I saw your pics link from your blog. Looks like a good time was had by all. I guess you didn't hear about the stabbing until afterwards either… some guy jumped in line & another guy stabbed him in the face with a pen. I heard about that & immediately thought "OMG I hope Maria isn't involved" and was relieved when I heard it was two guys.

    Hey Beth, I thought calories from drinks with friends don't count? Wishing you needed rain, but not during your walk!

    I finally got the blog post up last night (Beth has already been by). I'll probably conduct much of the follow-up this weekend & post it either Saturday night or mid-week again. Off to the mimes-at-home.

  6. Oh yeah, I LOVE this dragonfly.

  7. Wishing good luck and a good supply of catnip, Lisa.

    Nicky and Maria, I definitely think you should work a dragonfly into your next books so you can really scare your readers. :P

    I love the foliage elephant, Maria.

    Now Beth, I remember how much you enjoyed having your sister come visit for a long stay (which I define as anything longer than 4 hours).

    Well Farf I am impressed with your project -- of course I'm always impressed by any project that ends up with no significant injuries or divorces.

  8. You're right, andi - I thought of that as I posted. I had a great time with my sis and BIL, and didn't want them to leave. Maybe there's hope for me yet...but I doubt it. :-)