Friday, July 2, 2010

Misty Morning (New Hampshire)

Crawford Path, the oldest maintained hiking trail in the U.S.

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  1. Scribbling on the VGW.

    Andi somehow found one of the few sections of that trail that was only gently uphill.

  2. Love the texture of this pic. The lichens on the trees and the shape of the land--very appealing.

    Meeting Sonboy for lunch today. Daughter coming in for the weekend. That's enough July 4th celebration for me.

    Hubby got yard mowed because more rain predicted. May get a bit of hurricane rain. At least it's stayed in the upper 80s or low 90s.

    Maria, enjoy Friday at work.

    KB, Any good book is one to talk about. I know some on this loop are much "weightier readers" than I. I have to balance the darker or serious with the lighter myself.

    Andi, I've got that book you mentioned on my list. I was able to check out Catching Fire so I can read the second in that series.

    Farf, you're a good son. Everybody keep safe on these projects.

    Jen, we use gas, but my brother is bringing his charcoal grill to cook on. I'm thinking Hubby and brother may get a little competitive about the cooking. Yum, I'll get to reap the rewards.

    A great end of the week to all.

  3. Jim, are you saying Crawford Path is like most of Planet Georgia's hiking trails, lots of vertical with the horizontal?

    Lisa, we survived the shutter and awning mounting. Daughter Dearest got pix of me on the ladder, but her hoped-for sequence of me taking the express version of Down didn't happen. Here's hoping for lots of goodies from the BBQ cook off!

    I think the agenda for today is Lots of Nothing. If only Mason would not wake up at 6:45…

  4. Lisa, I'm one of those people who can taste the gas in the food, so I'll be cheering for Team Brother in the Great Texas Grill-Off of 2010. :)

  5. (waving good morning) Andi - gorgeous photo! I'd love to hike through there. Vertical or not.

    Lisa, I could talk about good light-reading all day. But, I don't want to hijack Andi's blog. Maybe I could post something at Eat4Today? (that would be a shock!)

  6. I'm reading "The Scent of Shadows," a freebie from Amazon. It's one of several free first of series books, it's kind of interesting but a difficult read in some ways.

  7. Lisa, the worst thing about reading Catching Fire last year has been the year long wait for Mocking Jay. I will be at a bookstore to buy it on day one.

    Farf, as we were going up or down one trail, I commented to Andi that the difference between trails out west and those in NH is that in the west they try to route the trails across or around avalanche areas, but in NH they look at an avalanche area as a pre-built trail.

  8. Lisa, it's a lot more appealing looking* at it than hiking through it. :)

    Farf, Crawford Path is considered a 'good' trail in New Hampshire because it doesn't go straight up over big rocks and boulders.

    Morning Jen. I guess we can replace the phrase 'chill out' with 'grill out' this summer.

    kb, it is gorgeous but I gotta say that I find that less vertical, fewer rocks, no flowing water, and twisty roots makes a trail much, much prettier. ;)

    So they're trying to addict to you kindle-nip by giving you free books, Farf?

    Actually Jim, we have a pre-order a Amazon.

    * It was so damp that my glasses kept steaming up so bad I finally just gave up and took them off. Fortunately my distance vision isn't too bad.

  9. Waves to everyone. Happy Canada Day (late) and happy fourth (early!)

    We are having lovely weather and I finally got a good night's sleep which is all to the good.

    And I vote for charcoal. With gas, why bother? (I have enough gas already!)

  10. Late to the party - tight deadline today. But it's met, and I'm done!

    I love flat, winding trails through woods and by rivers. Rocks are okay for looking at. Ditto vertical. Too many years biking up the sides of mountains - give me flat and peaceful any time. Thanks for the gorgeous shot, andi!

    Cool damp day today, but I love the contrast of the clouds hanging overhead.

    Off for drinks at my favorite place in town - probably will have a basil instinct - the only ingredient I know is the basil leaf that floats in it.

    Reading Kelly's latest right now. Am tempted by the Kindle-like toys, but can't wrap my brain around not having real books on a shelf...yet.

    Off and running. Enjoy the holiday weekend, food, visitors and all!

  11. Howdy Dina. I hope your lovely weather last longer than ours -- hot temps return tomorrow.

    Sounds like you're running away to a really a good time, Beth. Enjoy!