Thursday, July 1, 2010

Misty Morning (Indiana)

Taken June 12, 2010.

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  1. Since Farf is on vacation, I figured he should have a vacation from being the first to scribble on the VGW. Of course, it's possible that, unlike Jim and me, he takes vacations where he sleeps in.

  2. Oh shucks, I was going to help out with the VGW this morning. :)

  3. Morning gang.

    Loving lazing a bit in the morning these days.

    Farf, How wonderful for Mom to spend time with Mason. Love those multigenerational times. I know you'll take photos.

    Maria, Brave girl going to work the whole week and having fun while ya do it.

    KB, THANKS for the book recommends. Always looking for something good to read.
    Love the iPhone that lets me get free samples and a feel for the writing. Though the kindle app for pc can do the same.

    Still getting some rain and the temps are much milder. So nice for a few days.

    Thursday winking at Friday. Great day to all.

  4. Tip top of the morning to you all. I'm loving the cooler weather with accompanying photo by Andi. ::g::

    Happy Canada Day!! I'm having a hankering for Vancouver this week. Would *love* a week off to just hang out and write in that beautiful city. Alas, not to be so.

    Must off to the mimes in a bit, but before I do, must scribble down some notes.


  5. (CRAP!! I got a 404 error when I posted my comment... & I thought the morning was going so well!)

    Andi & CG -- what is VGW?

    Lisa, I LOVE the ebook samples too -- and having all the books in the world with me all the time. I hope one/some of those books catch your fancy. I've read others too -- but, they're in the frivolous column & not on booklists.

    Maria, I've never been there but, I've always wanted to visit Vancouver too. I wish you could be there this week.

  6. I'll save tomorrow morning for you. CG. Or maybe Finn would like to comment.

    Happy lazing -- and reading -- to you, Lisa.

    Maria, the cool weather is luscious. I wish it would stay all July but the forecast shows that it isn't going to last here.

    kb, VGW stands for Vast Great White and refers to the intimidating (esp. to Beth) aspect of the empty whiteness of an uncommented blog post. Think of it as the Internet/digital equivalent of the empty white sheet in the typewriter.

    kb, if you want a non-frivolous book rec, the best book I've read all year is the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. It's non-fiction but it has the narrative drive and character development of a first-rate novel.

  7. G'morning all.

    The cooler weather IS lovely, and it is making it easy not to think about how hot the weekend will probably be. Meanwhile, we loved our cookout so much yesterday that we got on the 'net and ordered a Weber so we could do bbq up proper all summer long. Y'all c'mon, bring drinks and desserts. :)

  8. On my way, Jen! :-) Sounds like a fun summer toy.

    When I'm on the Pacific coast, I'm vewwy safe from the VGW, since y'all are up and about way before I am. Although the sun comes up at 3 or 4, it seems, so I guess I could chime in earlier. I'd have to crawl out of bed, though...

    Looks like we might have a cloudy, cool day today. Yay for the breaking of heat and the arrival of rain for the rest of you.

    Off to get my oil changed (well, not MY oil), and test-drive some cars. The Solara is still plugging along, but at 225,000 miles, who knows for how much longer. Sigh. I love my little car.

    Oh, got cholesterol numbers back yesterday - all down from last year, so no meds! Woo hoo!

    Have a great day, all!

  9. Jen, if you are getting a non-gas grill, Jim and I switched to lump (or chunk) charcoal this year for environment al reasons but we are finding that it cooks much more nicely and with more flavor than briquettes. And as you know, I'll be right on over but you'd probably prefer I don't bring dessert.

    Yay for good numbers of cholesterol, Beth. Boo on car shopping (I hate car shopping).

  10. Thanks, Andi. Mason got me up at 7, but I didn't grab the iPad then. But the VGW would have already been defeated anyway, given the timestamps. Someone nearby had some Wacky Weed this morning; the smell was pretty strong out front of the house.

    Lisa, yup we're getting pix. Mom had me bring my SD reader along because she forgot her camera cable, but she didn't know she had one built into her laptop! :-)

    I get to help out with various projects when I'm here — this morning it was putting up some decorative shutters on the windows, which involved an extension ladder. DD got pix, and I managed to avoid injuring myself… Mom got poked with a screwdriver bit and bled a bit though. We'll tackle an awning shortly.


  11. Andi, we strongly prefer charcoal; noted, thanks. You can bring bread. ;)

  12. Careful with those house projects, Farf; injury-free vacations for all is the goal. :)

    Ah Jen, you know me so well. :D

  13. I feel that something is going to appear out of that mist at any moment.

  14. Of course you have that feeling, Mary, because any picture I take is just moments away from having a dog in it. :)