Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life Imitates Art: Cubism

Zealand Falls, New Hampshire
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Also: Lisa -- blogger always liked you best.


  1. Yesterday's post ate a comment from Nancy and one from me so I hope this one shows up. Not that I have anything to say ... except I hate hot weather but at least I'm not suffering like olivia whose experience temps over 100 degrees.

  2. This was a great waterfall on a terrific hike. We climbed all over it - really fun.

  3. Very cool, pic this a.m., Andi! I could totally lose myself in the pretty water.

    The insomnia fairy played her nasty little tricks on me last night, darn it. It's as if she waited until the night before I had to get up for the mimes to bop me over the head. Ah well.

    I could perhaps attach blame to the incredible heat wave. We expect a high of 103F today. As the cowboys in the last season of TAR would say, Oh my gravy! I'm already wilting just from the thought of it.

    Been experimenting with writing/note taking longhand all weekend. Got a lot done on Book 5 and its direction. Very interesting method. Let's all hope that I can read my own handwriting later on. ::g::

    Hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend!! Keep cool and comfy.

  4. Blogger! Straighten up! Don't be like those tilted cubes!

    Virtual Monday, off to the mimes.

  5. Love the visuals, Andi.

    Sorry about the heat. Yeah, you probably got it from us. We've been ten degrees cooler that usual with rain and clouds. More rain coming with this storm in the gulf.

    Nicky, how wonderful nice weather and a trip to Sweden. Is that a place you go often?

    Time for all to stay hydrated and keep cool in the hottest part of the day.

    Terrific Tuesday for All.

  6. Writing in lemon juice. Andi, hold a match under your computer and see if the comments show up.

  7. Finally warming up here, which is just about normal for N Idaho. But no humidity, woo hoo! Stay cool, all.

    I need to explore NH more, and. What gorgeous places you find!

    Had a great time with old friends yesterday! Not sure what today holds, but I guess I'll find out!

    Have a great day, all!

  8. Well lookee here -- all the comments have shown up, even Nancy's from last night (use that lemon to make lemonade, Nancy).

    Hi everybody.

    As far as Jim and I are concerned, if you do one hike in New Hampshire, Zealand Trail to these falls and continuing on the Ethan Pond Trail to Thoreau Falls is the one to do, Beth.

  9. It's on my list, andi - thanks!!

  10. I've been to New Hampshire and I live in the Old Hampshire - both are pretty places.

    Lisa: I hitched round Scandinavia back in the dark ages with a friend, we were 21. Then 9 years ago Morley and I went in rather more comfort and I fell in love with Stockholm, so that's why we're going back. Lovely little city, islands, sea, boats, cobbled streets and easy to get around. Then a trip to see the Carl Larssen house/museum (one of my favourite artists) plus a railway museum for His Nibs!