Monday, July 12, 2010

Here, There, and Everywhere

Just so you know -- it's not easy getting all three dogs in one picture.

Taken July 2, 2010

Taken July 7, 2010.
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  1. Bebo's the outlier, so you gotta be fast, Andi. I had to search for her in both pics.

    Well our cool spell is ending. 98 predicted for this week.
    Hubby heads to the mower shop to get the belt so we can tame the yard again.

    Sonboy is in Winnepeg so they'll go out on a float plane today and start their canoe adventure.

    Marvelous Monday to all. Stay cool and keep something to drink close by.

  2. Morning, gang!

    T minus 7 days and boy, am I ever counting. I've not been this excited about a con in well, ever. There's a really good chance I'm going to get to see Nathan Fillion and perhaps even Joss Whedon! Not to mention several great authors. I've been losing myself in the Comic-con squee. Yeah, I'm totally a fangrrl. ::g::

    Of the good, Book 5 is taking shape - I now know the theme. Been writing a lot longhand - which is really odd to me, but it seems to be working with this book. Go figure.

    Wishing everyone a great week!

  3. Hey ho! The dogs like to really string out down the path, don't they?

    Lisa, good luck with the heat & the lawn mowing. Our yard could use a trim, but I never did get around to that over the weekend.

    Yay for progress on Book 5, Maria! I've done large swatches of both FAR Future and White Pickups in longhand myself — at least there's no batteries to run out or anything.

    Speaking of FAR Future, I've started rewriting it. I found a writing tool called Sigil, that does native EPUB format. I now know the title for the reworked version and I'll blab more when I get farther along.

    Y'all have a great Monday! Me, I'm going into the doc to get a cyst yanked off my back at 11… fun stuff, huh?

  4. (waving) Good morning everyone!

    Andi - did you get a lot of rain between those days?

  5. I wasn't fast enough, Lisa -- Bebo was completely in the frame when I clicked the shutter to take the image on the right. Hey, if Sonboy brings back pictures, I hope you'll post them.

    Maria, if you see Nathan Fillion, you can give him a kiss for me -- and I don't mean a nice little peck on the cheek.

    Ouch Farf. Hope it doesn't hurt too much.

    Howdy kb. Nope, no rain; just the difference between a pine grove and the regular deciduous forest.

  6. Andi - your wish is my command.

    ::crosses heart and promises::

  7. Happy Monday, all! Cool front blowing in tonight - 40 mph winds predicted. And 71 for a high tomorrow - woo hoo! Now if it'd just rain...

    Enjoying Maria's excitement about the con - and fingers crossed for Farf and doctors.

    Waving back at caffeinated KB!

    Talked to CF on FB (sounds like a secret code) - she's keeping busy with gardens and work and visiting family. I told her we missed her in Blogdom.

    Lunch with a girlfriend today, and Home Run Derby tonight!

    Yes, yes, pix please, Lisa!

    Have a great day, y'all!

  8. And Maria, I'll be needing a picture too. :D

    Beth, thanks for the mention of CF. Jim and I were just thinking about her after Saturday's coneflower/rudbeckia discussion. Enjoy the lovely, cool weather and the Home Run Derby.

  9. Well, the cyst-yanking went well. Took longer to prep me than it did to remove it. Only a tiny amount of pain so far… nothing like being married or anything. :-P

  10. So Farf, did the prep take so long because you incysted that they be very, very careful?

  11. oh Maria if you meet Nathan Fillion I'll be so jealous. And make sure he tweets about you. :)