Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Head in the Clouds

The Presidential Range (well, some of it)
Click image to see larger version


  1. Oooh ... that's a gorgeous view.

  2. Love the mountain vistas, Andi.

    More rain coming this way so temps are modified. Sorry Maria and B and all that are sweltering and then add on the humidity--yuck.

    Nicky, how fun Stockholm sounds.
    Share when you can so we can have another virtual vacation. I can feel the cool breeze just thinking about it.

    Wonderful Weds. To All.

  3. Lisa, it was over 120ºF (the highest my thermometer went was 124.8) in my back garden yesterday. This heat is just overpowering and I'm not sure how much longer I can stand it.

  4. A wonderful misty mountain morning--what a beautiful view!

    Yup, still sweltering--yesterday reached 103, today is supposed to hit 100. Ick. Can't quite wrap my head around the fact that it's 10 degrees cooler in Texas!

    Bonus check @ work yesterday. What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time I was miserable and frustrated. Now, I'm happy, getting bonuses and don't fight the going to work. Thank the PsTB!

    Tminus 13 days to Comic-Con. I'm thrilled and nervous as hell. I've never been to anything quite this insanely large. Attended a WorldCon (SF) in '84, but attendance there ranges in the 5-6000, not 125,000. This should be fascinating.

    Must off to the mimes shortly--cleaners coming early and I'm in sore need of coffee. I managed to beat the insomnia fairy off last night, but barely. Of course, this is rather a good sign - it means my brain is braining (stealing phrase from Kelly). Too bad I actually *need* and *like* sleep. Imagine how much could get written otherwise!

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Packing for my holiday even as we speak! And here's a little something I spotted for Lisa, who laughs at my English expressions!

  6. Nicky - ha!! Love the Britspeak. At our office, one of our colleagues is a Brit and we've created an internal Wiki page called: Speak like James. It's got various Britspeak slang along with some of James' own particular spin on things.

    I'll have to dig that up and share some of the more amusing ones with you all. :)

  7. Hey all! Cloudy mountain tops speak of cool weather. I guess they have some in SoCal right now, anyway. Planet Georgia isn't breaking into 3-digit °F temps at the moment, but it's going to be close & the humidity more than makes up for it.

    Maria, I MUST ask: after you beat off the Insomnia Fairy, did he sleep too?

    I once saw a web page for Americans travelling in the UK, how to speak & behave etc. I knew enough Brit-slang from reading way back when (seems that any forum with a large contingent of Brits tend to adopt Brit-speak) to know someone was trying to get someone killed. Inviting guys to go cottaging and so on…

  8. Very pretty. One of the few things I regret about living out here in flatland is the lack of mountain vistas. The other is that I can't surf. But that's probably a good thing in terms of productivity. Back from CONvention land. Hope life is treating everyone well.

  9. Farf, I *knew* you'd be the one to comment on that. ::g::

    For the rest of you, as promised, some of the Britspeak filtered via James. (At some point, we plan to hold a "Talk Like James" day, kind of talk like a pirate, but not so much...)

    * fetid dingo’s kidneys: this stinks a whole lot

    * wanker: Someone that thinks they're 'cool' but in reality is a total jerk

    * H: (HAItch) the letter H. with extra “Huh”

    * zebra: (zEH-bra) zebra zed: the letter Z

  10. Aaaarggh. Noooo, no, no, Maria. Putting an extra H on Aitch is a Bad Thing, don't ever do it over here! It's a sign of a chav! (I think 'chav' might be 'trailer trash' in US speak - but it's not a desirable impression to give, not over here, anyway.)

    Adding H to Aitch comes about when people are uncertain of their aspirants and throw in an extra one for good measure! Not just snobbery, but logical too - there's no H in Aitch anyway!

  11. Drive by hi to all. Too hot to think.

  12. Dina's right -- too hot to think. All I can manage is ...

    Hi everybody.

  13. Large pitchers of lemonade and iced tea for O and all you heat wave sufferers.
    It's 86 here with a heat index of 92. 59% humidity is the killer.
    Fans as well as air conditioning are what we have to keep from breaking the bank with electricity bills.

    Nicky, I love that site. I'm thinking one of my characters in this next novel is going to use some British slang. I'm liking Arse and variations there of.

    Maria, yeah for bonuses and better attitude about work. If ya gotta do it, might as well like it.

    I wrote a first page today to get a feel for my main character. This novel may be first person. Gotta see if I can make that fly.

    Turning up the fan to blow some cooler breezes north.

  14. Good evening everyone -- it's taken me until now to wake up enough to have the energy for a wave.

    And we (for once) don't have a heat wave. So I can't blame that.

    Olivia -- that's shocking. I hope you weren't out there. It could have melted your camera!

  15. oh that picture looks so nice and cool. :)

  16. Ah Lisa, I think writing first person is always interesting for the reader because we have to figure out the narrator before we can even start to figure out the story.

    Hey kb, lucky Kansans to have avoided this heat. I hope your luck continues to hold.

    Mary, the wind was blowing about 40 mph so it did feel pretty cool.